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Shameless Plugs for Frederic Doss

Guest FADoss

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What I have right now is below!








You can keep an eye on the website for more stuff (and there are a few more behind the scenes photos) here:





Also, another preview for my other film, "Double Negative" below:



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SO, GI Joe this friday with great reviews from Harry Knowles!!! Have had a few great auditions/callbacks. Doing some test footage out on the acerage this afternoon. OH, and here's my acting reel:




ENJOY and watch for me in theaters 7 August. Looking at the books that are out, I should be escorting Duke's convoy in an Apache toward the beginning of the film.


Lines and hopefully an onscreen death (it was filmed)

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Coyote County Loser OC Premiere

DATE: Friday, September 4

TIME: 7:50 pm (Q & A with filmmakers to follow)

PLACE: Cinema City Theaters

5635 E. La Palma Ave. • Anaheim Hills, CA

Imperial Hwy & La Palma Ave


Tickets are available at: http://roebuckmed...ia.myshopify.com/


See the trailer at: http://www.coyotecountyloser.com/home.php


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ALSO, I recently joined the cast of the upcoming "Boggy Creek"!!!





Ata boy Fred! Any relation to the Boggy Creeks of 1972, 77? Great Drive flicks the both of them, I'm probably one of the few who can lay claim to having seen them both...and survived.

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Wrapped first day of "Boggy Creek" yesterday! Have a few parts for another scene to shoot soon. Very cool flick.


Cool, can't wait to see these new takes on the old Boggy Creek. Is there a web sight or anything?

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