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It just takes me to a wordpress/blog page with a header that says "Miss Asian America at ComicCon International", and a place at the bottom for comments, but there's no video. Just a few related tags, but when I click them, it takes me to different pages.



Oh, well, thanks anyway.



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Thomas Jane Interview (Click Here)


Check out video interviews with Thomas Jane, Bernie Wrightson, Ed Pressman, Todd Farmer, and others. Hosted by former ex Asian America Beauty Queens (for reals, Bradstreet wasn't playing). You can also share the videos on your website by installing the widget. Enjoy!




Okay, I hate to keep beating a dead horse but this is driving me crazy. Is anybody else having problems with this video? Because my flash player works great on every other site I visit, except this one. Does anybody have any idea why this isn't showing up on my computer?




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Just finished watching this and I think we need to do a RAW caption of the moment when the paging system comes on and TJ's expression. CLASSIC. I wonder if Dan Powers ever came to the courtesy phone? LMAO.


I really loved this interview!

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NEENJAH!! what great pics - thanks for sharing. we do have a few shirts left and when we get our shit together, we'll set up a thing where we can give them away to loyal rawstudios.com members. we'll also have a deal where you can order posters of artists work and photos and crap like that. someday ! sooner than later i hope. meanwhile, thanks for all the great photos and memories. it was a great con. that pic neenjah posted of al feldstein also has two more of my heroes in the BG - Kim Deitch and Jim Woodring!


Dang- I really didn't get to spend hardly any time in artists alley. It was so hard to get away from the table and down to that end. Was lucky to snap that shot as I was heading back to my table. Hate I didn't get a chance to come back to the RAW booth to go take the Alien Pig Farm over to show Al with you. I remembered packing on Sunday night when I saw the comic!


Did at least get to say hi to him at the airport on Wednesday while I was waiting for my ride. Great guy. Did a fun haunted house sketch for me at the Ohio State Festival of Cartoon Art a few years ago. Got to catch his panel there, too. I'll have to dig those pics up and post them.


Would love for you guys to have stuffs for sale- I'd buy it! And any promo stuff is always appreciated. My buddy Dave's little brother Ronnie about crapped himself when I gave him one of the Mutant Chronicles posters you signed for me at the con.


Thanks again, and glad you dug the photos. Had a blast talking to you, Tim, Todd, and the RAW booth inmates.


You guys were great!



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