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Cutting Bleeding Edge of 3-D Art


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Stereo-imaging has really lit my interest in visual processing and illusions and dimensions and anything optics thanks to the inspirational Bad Planet 3 stereoscopic madness.

Here are some mind-blowing images.

"Through the stereo window!"


This photograph was taken with a Realist 3.5 stereo camera (newer model with "Germany" lenses) using 35mm Fuji Pan-F Black & White film. I believe the exposure time was about 1/50 of a second; f5.6.

This is a 3-D stereo photograph that can be viewed in the third dimension by crossing your eyes.



Cross your eyes slowly until you see three images; focus on the middle image and you will begin see it in the third dimension. Stereo viewing requires practice; if you cannot see it within five to ten minutes, come back to this image at a later time and do try again.

Did you see that shit!

check these out.






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I tried the stereoscopic pics and gave myself a headache! ;)


I have seen some before. We use American Paper Optics for our haunt's 3-D glasses. They're here in Memphis, and were just a mile or so down the road from us when we first used 3-D in our haunt. They've been a big help!



You can find out more about 3-D here-



We found out about them on an R&D trip to Busch Garden's Howl-O-Scream in Tampa, FL. We had to go all the way to Florida to find out about a company in our own back yard! It was worth the trip- really worth the trip...!


Man do I miss the Naughty Nurses!


This year our haunt was split in two again- Dr. Hacker's Asylum and a 3-D haunt.




I worked on updating the 3-D section. It was done in ChromaDepth and is based on colors appearing close or far away- red closest, then orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (purple can appear close or far depending on the amount of red or blue in it.) We use black lights to really make it all pop. The cool thing is, even without the glasses, if you do the colors right it still looks 3-D, which is a good thing since we sometimes scare the glasses off folks! On the way home from the haunt I noticed the speedometer on my car is laid out like ChromaDepth!










You can see a video of the haunt here-



We've used air, water, and scents to give the place a 4-D effect, too.


If you're in the Memphis area in October check us out- http://www.hauntedweb.com/nightmarez/


Tell 'em Funny-Bonz sent ya...




Really looking forward to seeing Dark Country and how the 3-D is used in it!



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Fuckin' rad. so chroma depth is about quantity of certain colors, huh? I haven't delved into this whole 3-D thing as much YET. I heard 3-D is basically done by taking 2 copies of an image- photo taken 7 degrees apart and then superimposing them. Its a mystery to me but when I see Impalas flyin out of the page of BP 3 and into my face and spaceships skidding out the book and grazing my pillow and flying back in the page or a slanted view of some guy getting sliced in half and his torso popping out onto my coffee table- I mean Bad Planet 3 rocked my head hard.


And the artwork is so beautiful. What I find completely stunning in that issue was this one page- its was a left page and this woman is squatting on the street against a car- you can see the white house in the back and all these crazy explosions- the depth of that car parked on the street and the woman's body coming out towards you but the car is facing another angle and you get the sense of the depth in that direction and the street winds the other way- its like how do you fucking engineer drawing to come out like that.


so I wanted to know if you could 3-D ize any drawing. Like lets some from the 'show your wares' thread. Just any drawing. Can you make it 3-D? If so how do you control the dynamics of depth in such a varied way- like the woman facing one way, the car another, the buildings at another angle.


By facing in a direction- I mean XYZ vectors- directional in space- I have no idea how you control and I don't think I want to know cause sometimes mysteries are best not revealed.


So how do people get into 3-D development. what's the scene- like burnout optometrist's- what kind of degrees do you need and what kind of companies hire you. Its so rare. It shouldn't be though. 3-D glasses at the popstand should be as common as pickin up some gum. The whole world should be 3-D and people could have SO much fun with it. A new generation of 3-D artists come about as kids start fuckin with it when they are 8- the whole artform can develop if it was taught. They don't teach 3-D in art class in school. So the conception isn't developing among young kids enough to understand the nature of the medium to put out creative work.


Thomas and Tim and Daly are an exception- they are explorers- Magellan. I know they did kickass work and I'm dyin for Dark Country- but like any artist- this is just ONE style. Their style.


Its sucks that its so expensive or else we woulda seen a lot of interesting 3-D expression- oh well.


Like check this out- billions of people are walkin around with a pack of cigarettes right this instant. or bubblegum or a lighter or chapstick. These items are common fixtures in our pockets. so why not 3-D glasses? your car should have a mode that like auto-tints your windshield in 3-D. so now people got to assimilate 3-D into daily life. Like makin posters or even things like large Clavin Klien ads at the Mall- I don't know what I'm talkin about.


But I don't get why 3-D is so alien to pop culture- its so fuckin cool yet nobody works creatively with 3-D.



fuckin' weird.


so naughty huh?


why do you say that? They look nice to me.


we just want to help you





finally, if you don't mind can you center your 3-D images for me please? all you do is highlight everything first and then hit the centerlines button. cause I'm looking forward to whippin out my 3-D glasses for this one and being off-center is fuckin' with my dimensions man!




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The hand poster and the airbrushed clown and hands should work with chromadepth glasses on.


The nurses are naughty in a good way- and you have to see them in person to get the full 3-D, or should I say "Double-D" effect. ;)


I'm amazed at how many different types of 3-D there are, and the many uses for it. Chromadepth is also used for topography- the highest elevations in red, the middle yellow, then green, and blue being the lowest. When you put on the glasses it looks like it's raised up off the map. Really slick!


One of the cool things I found out about working with the chromadepth glasses and colors is there's so much you can do with just paint techniques- splattering (like the picture above- do blue first and work your way up to read), simple shapes (like the hands), or airbrushing (like the clown). You can keep it basic and have it 'float' or 'pop' or blend it and have it gradually fade back or come forward (ghosts, flames or lightning). They all produce a 3-D effect, but have a different look. Painting objects and placing them in that color sequence really helps to increase the effect. Sometimes I sculpt a relief and then paint that with red, yellow, green, blue, etc.


And if you see the video with the big spinning vortex tunnel- you add movement and you really mess with people's minds!


Wish there was a place here that taught 3-D. I've just been picking up any books I can and ask a lot of questions when I deal with 3-D Paper Optics. They were a big help getting the 3-D at the haunt working, as was my friend Robbi down at Busch Gardens when we've gone to Howl-O-Scream, and the haunts I visited at Hauntcons.



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cool. thanks for that. Your reply right there made me a little more comfortable to do some independent study on it. Its good to know that people are doin it without formal education as well and thus a medium open to everyone. But its nice to know that you have found personal information out there.



Download this free visualizer for winamp. Its called MilkDrop programmed by Ryan Geiss.




This is a taste of these computer generated constantly flowing and as you say mind-messing 'spinning vortex'


and among these hundreds of presets available there is a nice handful of 3-D patterns. Remember- these are in constant motion. Its pretty out-there.


Download Winamp- http://www.winamp.com/


search 'Milkdrop' under the PLUG-IN tab.


That way you can see how the process of scanning and installing various stylish programs works. Its so easy. You see a shot that looks cool and click the button next to it and within 5 seconds it installs itself into your winamp list. This type of image generator that responds to audio are called visualizers for those that don't know.


download milkdrop from there (and go to the official site provided above to get new preset banks)


now when you play music in winamp- you can go to winamps menu and select visualization and in the box you will see a set of these plug-ins- some default ones- some really well done. if all goes well, you'll see milkdrop on the list- select that and you're off to twisted 3-D computer graphic lala land.


I'll walk anyone through it if there are any questions.


I'm personally into G-Force by Andy O Meara. It isn't 3-D but the liquified bleeding colors and designs are just breathtaking





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