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Voyage to Savage Planet and The Devils Commandos.


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hi, i just find this link with a interview (TOM JAMES & TIM) and Thomas said this


" I want to do more books. We've got The Lycan, about 18th century werewolf hunters. We're doing a graphic novel of DARK COUNTRY, the film I directed and Tim art directed / production designed. I'm developing a mini series for the SCI FI Channel called Voyage to Savage Planet. Oh, and Tim and I are doing a WW2 action horror film called The Devils Commandos. "


here is the link, there somenthin info of this?

(official?) i hope that Thomas Jane can answer this. thx. if is true, good luck, because sounds good.






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I do really wish we could be more forthcoming about The Devil's Commandos.

About all I can tell you right now is that I came up with the story a little while back.

I showed it to Tom and I showed it to our screenwriter pal Todd Farmer.

They both fell in love with it. Over the next few days we all discussed the possibilities.

Tom and I thought Todd would be the ideal guy to do the screenplay.

It was written as a vehicle for Tom but he not only wants to star, he also wants to make it his next feature as a director.

That blew me away.

We've shot it into the pipeline ahead of all our other film stuff.

Todd actually turned down a very lucrative writing gig so he could give it his full attention.

That's how devoted we all are to it.

Todd and I are working on the screenplay as we speak and we've got people who are very interested in it already.

We think we have something very special here so right now it's important to keep the details of the story in lock-down mode.

In a nutshell, it's Combat! meets The Twilight Zone.

And that's about as much information as we can divulge at this stage.


Please stand by, all will be revealed in good time.


Check the Commandos forum link for the official thread.


- TB

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