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Bad Planet Interview with Tom, Tim, and JD3


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Thanks for link. I'm still fascinated by this issue- just can't get over how well its done and have convinced so many people to put on my pair of 3-D glasses and look at it for a second and then I got to convince them after half an hour that its best for both them and me that they take it off cause 3-D rays can give you cancer. But I was at Union Square Park in Manhattan the other day and was traveling to Connecticut so I had my suitcase with me carrying all 5 issues. So I'm sitting park and had my friend wearing the glasses- I had 2 pairs and telling her how super-radical it is all enthusiastic and really loud and she's just spacing out wearing these glasses and I felt bad for these skater punks sitting next to us cause they obviously overheard me so I had to pass it around and the park watching my red and blue paper shades get passed around to skaters, drug dealers, hobos, circus freaks, street musicians, NYU liberal art majors plus the park is right across the street from a shop that sells it, Forbidden Planet and I bought a issue for a friend's going away party- just wish it was more expensive. Nobody likes to believe something of that high quality can be sold for so cheap.




nice work- Ray Zone, Tim Bradstreet, Steve Niles and James Daly





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