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When will this happen???


You guys layed out a good number of podcasts and I personally feel brushed over subjects that needed an in-depth (irony) analysis.


I'm gonna go ahead and throw out a list of things that would be fun to hear you middle-agers cover:


-The Dark Knight Takes Comic Book Movies To A New League


-Heath Ledger: Going After The Gold From Beyond The Grave - A talk on the career of this generation's James Dean starting with his big break 10 Things I Hate About You to his final masterpieces Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight


-Summer Movie Review (now that all the big ones have been layed out)


-In depth discussion of remakes to iconic films (inspired by the thread)


*Brutality In Films: A Talk On The Impact Of Brutal Violence In Both Action And Dramas - with special commentary on The Punisher's Russian fight sequence between Kevin Nash and Thomas Jane (you guys can watch the 5 minute fight and let us hear your reactions through the podcast).


-Battle Of The Punishers: Was Hensleigh's 70s inspired crime drama a superior way to depict Castle? or is Lexi Alexander and Steve Gainer's new age color friendly action movie what the masses always wanted?


-2009 Summer Movie Preview - X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The DaVinci Code: Angels And Demons, Terminator Salvation, Fast And Furious, Transformers 2, G.I. JOE...


*Special sneak peek of Tim Bradstreet's in development project with Todd Farmer


That's the itinerary for THE BEST GOD DAMN PODCAST EVER!


Two things though,


You guys need to have call-ins for every topic to get the spirit of discussion moving.


And hopefully you can start doing some LIVE episodes to document more personal reactions and tones.


Let's get back on the air guys,



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Tom and I are discussing getting back in the swing after Comicon.

As most of you know, Tom has had a series of family issues plaguing him over the last few months.

And his wife Kim is close to giving birth to another Tom Racine offspring. Add to that - I've been as busy as a Cuban hooker on free stitches night.

Getting together has been a challenge. We gave "Talkshoe" a spin a few months ago but neither of us were thrilled with the quality of sound.

That gets the show more interactive but there are a few bugs to work out.

First things first and we're talking about doing a post-Comicon episode, and a summer movie recap episode.

We'll mix in other things but these would be the main topics.


Apologies with the gap since the last episode. We should be back on the horse soon my brothers and sisters.

Stay tuned.


- TB

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Well, it's nice to be missed, that's for sure.


Thanks for the great note, Mr. Logan...greatly appreciated, and some great topics in there. I can only echo what Tim said...we're going to do a Comic Con recap and then get together for a summer movie extravaganza very soon. Life, she gets in the way, but I know that both Tim and I love doing the podcast, so it shall return. I have a ton of stuff going on at Comic Con, with some cool interviews set up, and I'm sure I'm going to spend some time at the RAW booth with Tim, and I'll have my handy iPod recorder, so you never know what spontaneous interviews will happen. Stay tuned, folks.

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A cheeseburger, a shot of good single malt, and a discussion about how Ben Rothlisberger is the best quarterback in the past 20 years, and you can get anything outta Tim. :)

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Man, I am podcasting up a storm this time around. I'm officially a member of the press via my Comics Coast to Coast stuff (thank you Tim for suggesting I try to get press credentials), but I'm also doing a podcast over at Tall Tale Features, a new comic strip artists collective. That stuff is mostly concerned with syndicated and webcartoonists...boring stuff for the RAW folks. :)


Tim and I are planning all sorts of RAW Studios specific stuff for the Con, so I'm all over the freakin' map. But I'm sure there'll be all sorts of goodies for everyone. I'm excited at the prospect of some nice big interviews, and maybe some surprises.


If only this crap paid. :)

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If I was you guys I'd dump "Talkshoe" and just get a phone line for the show.


A few years back I was dating a girl that still lived with her folks at 28 and had her own phone line in the house. Since it was billed to an address with a pre-existing line, the cost was significantly low.


No more than $30 a month I recall.


*My only beef with the previous "Season" of podcasts was the overload of Dark Country related material.


I know you guys didn't exactly start the show just to pump Dark Country, but at times it sorta seemed that way.


Personally I don't wanna hear anymore until I see the actual film. The Jane fans here on RAW are definitely watching it and unless Street's gonna drop us some dirt on the story, the technical aspects of it are pretty exhausted at this point.


I wish the Jane interview woulda gone somewhat into his prior work and not just a 1 hour public service announcement on directing and the possible future of films in 3D.


So many stories coulda been told that got buried in "Stereoscopic" mumbo jumbo. The Perlman interview was much much much better.


So yeah Tom, if you get another shot at Jane - get some real dirt outta the guy.



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