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The Punisher: WarZone

Tim Bradstreet

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Holy shit, what a day.


First the Bradstreet poster, then a red band trailer, then a second teaser! War Zone galore!


I love the red band trailer, holy shit, that's awesome. While the music is hardly my first choice, its far better than I had feared, and what music is typically put in trailers. But the footage, oh man. It almost looks like Rambo evel brutality.


The second trailer, while cool in its own right and a vast improvement over the first released, was somewhat of a let down after seeing the red band footage. I have to watch again, in HD on my home theatre, to fully form an opinion about it.


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The violence was so over the top that it kinda became cartoony. Here you got Castle caving in a guys face with one punch, that's pretty cartoony.


Well, Ink is a frail little shit.


The little music video had the friggin' entire movie in it.


Mr. Bradstreet, your poster is superb. I bet a Jigsaw one would look fantastic.

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It looks like they will have Ray spinning on chandeliers no matter what kind of teaser or trailer they put out. The guy's gonna get dizzy.


I'm sort of liking the color, though. That may well end up being my favorite part of the flick.



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I'm diggin the movie.


The "R" footage reeled me in like a stubborn fish.


Its a Dolph movie and if you're familiar with my posts, you'll know I love Dolph movies.


That also explains why Jane said "Fuck no." to this movie.


I like West despite my previous comment.


He may just pull off a noirish over the top mob character instead of another Tommy Lee Jones Two Face.


My biggest problem with the film is Stevenson's face.


Those exaggerated gestures he makes when hitting someone.


It makes everything seem cartoony and ridiculous.


Dolph's face was DEAD. He had no look to him in any of his movies.


Jane's face was steady and dry. Free of concern.


Stevenson looks like he's squeezing out a big turd.


The look is pure 80s Dolph.


The music was fine for the piece.


This is a "B" movie after all, and I can dig that.


It reminds me SO MUCH of Death Wish 3. Unfortunately Chuck B. isn't playing Castle.


Obviously in comparison to Hensleigh's Punisher - Warzone is vastly inferior.


The Punisher was a Peckinpah movie, this is something Mark L. Lester woulda done.


When I see it, I'll know for sure if its what the Trailers and SDCC footage are making it out to be.



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Jigsaw does remind me of two-face from batman forever, and somewhat of the joker from the 89' version. I am glad he will be in an R rated movie though, so at least he can be excessively violent.


I liked Dolph too. He was awesome back in 80's, though I haven't seen him in anything for about 10 years now. I think I will like Ray as well though. I liked the scene with him at his familys grave, breaking down. I was hoping for something like that, to show that he is not completely dead inside, not yet anyway. I also like it said they died in 2002. So he has been the punisher for 6 years, instead of 4, like what some people said.


Has anyone seen a french movie called irreversible? It's a pretty disturbing, somewhat confusing movie. There is one scene in it where a man has his face smashed in with a fire extinguisher, which was pretty brutal. Some of the violence in the video reminded me of that.

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This is the thing that bothers me...




He has that same raised eyebrow face in EVERY action sequence.


Before the action starts - he's okay.


But during it, he's TOO fuckin theatrical - and it SMELLS of ROME.


The scene were he's breaking down is my favorite Stevenson scene. SOME emotion is good. Thank God.


I liked seeing Wayne Knight in that half a second frame.


This is simply a completely different movie than The Punisher.


Its a brutally violent 80s "B" movie being released in a time where comic book movies are becoming modern cinematic masterpieces (The Dark Knight).





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I hope the movie looks old and graded.


Like Tarantino's Deathproof.


I know Steve is behind that, and the man's got skills.


As for Street's poster...Not my cup of tea. At all.


When I saw it, I was like "That's it?"


Out of the 100+ images he's done of O'Brien and Jane (Specially MAX #60), this has got to be the most passable.


I don't even think it fits the subject matter.


The Jane movie and the comics worked well with Street's style because there was a seriousness to the material.


This is obviously not a serious film and that poster looks completely unrelated.


I hope you got more under your mattress Street.



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Film degredation would be cool for this. I see they did it in the new teaser, but a little over the top. Deathproof is a good example. Just enough to notice it and give it a layer of grit, but not enough to distract. I'm still up in the air on Jigsaw, the costumes are "strange" to say the least. I guess I'll have to wait and see how they fit.

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A good "B" movie doesn't take itself seriously.


Street's poster suggests this movie will have an ounce of seriousness in it.




Just not your kinda movie Street.




I found that to be the most hilarious shot in the trailer. Everything else seemed really serious in the redband, including Jigsaw, but that guy's head exploding... I just couldn't help but double over in laughter. It rocks so much. What is that, shotgun to the head or something? I loved it.

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Dude what Trailer did you watch?


Almost EVERY frame was fuckin insane.


Seriousness has been completely thrown out the window. Literally.




I loved RAMBO - specifically for the insanity of the violence in it.


That's why I CAN enjoy Warzone.


Jane must have been like "You fuckin kiddin me???"


Stevenson is fuckin throwing people around like The Russian, Hutchison is eating human entrails, people's faces are getting caved in like blueberry pie, West talks like he owns a NYC Pizza parlor...


Now I understand why this film got made. I woulda done it. Its a risk though because people today want "Smart Matt Damon Action."


This will be fun.



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