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The Punisher: WarZone

Tim Bradstreet

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Fans of the first film aren't necessarily comfortable with Warzone.


They wanted a sequel with Thomas Jane in NYC and got this instead.


Exactly. :(


I'm not anti-Ray Stevenson. I'm just not interested in jumping on his bandwagon.



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I've never understood wanting to read scripts to movies before they hit the screen.

Why would you want to compromise the filmgoing experience by having a preconceived idea of what you may or my not see on screen?


I guess it makes sense if you are studying the medium, but what happens then to the purity of letting the story unfold onscreen?

Where is the fun in already knowing what's going to happen?


Just curious Mike, why do you do it?


- TB


I don't normally read scripts, but in regards to Punisher: War Zone, it was really just curiosity. After reading all the bullshit that was going on for this film, I just kinda went 'fuck it, I wanna read the script for myself and see how bad it's suppose to be.' And it turns out I didn't like it, the script has its moments (the stuff involving Micro are probably my favorite bits) I just found it really cliched and pretty cheesy.



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That poster rocks. Did Tim get Ray Stevenson to model for him? Just curious.



The new trailer will be here in 57 minutes. I just hope there is no chandalier thing. That is mostly the only complaint I had about the last one, and the first voice over sounded cheesy, the "terror threat" one.

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Yeah what the fuck's up with that? I kept checking on it up until it said one hour and 15 minutes left, then I left the house to run some errands and I come back and it says like 1 day 15 hours and 32 minutes. Where's the trailer?!?!?!?!?!







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Severe eye damage. If I see this movie as a horror/comedy, I'll probably like it.


And you know they just had to find a way to get some crappy metal with this movie.


That sucks.


I muted it and put better music on.


But hey... the '04 movie's trailer had 'Bodies' which was just as bad.

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Guest FADoss



I mean...HOLY SHIT!!!







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I think Jigsaw looks pretty damn rocking.


I really like the lighting of this film.


The action scenes look great... so very bloody.


Notice the tomb stone.... it has the names of both of Frank's kids and his wife and they all died in '04.

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No they died in 2002.


I'm still on the fence. It's going to be gory, but I've seen plenty of horror movies that had great gore but were pretty shit.


I love the look on Ink's face as Jigsaw is snapping the guys neck and the shot of all the G's standing up pointing the guys made me laugh.


As for replacing the music, I put a cover of Lookin' Out My Backdoor" by Children of Bodom over it. The best is when Ink gets his face caved in, the banjo kicks.


Oh and "Rather See You Dead" by Corrosion of Conformity is a good one too, actually pretty fitting as metal songs go for this trailer.


And a weird thing too, you can play "The Skull" theme from the last movie over this stuff and it doesn't seem out of place.

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