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The Punisher: WarZone

Tim Bradstreet

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Guest AdminGuyX

Hey, TL, what the fuck? I was just reading through the Mist thread (becaue I finally saw it) and found this little nugget of wisdom, posted by you, about the film Enchanted:


Guys, please watch the films before passing judgment


Kind of contradicts your attitude in this thread a little, but then again maybe you were just enchanted by Enchanted.



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My return to this thread (as it brief as it may be) was warranted by the unfortunate new development some (like yourself) consider to be an image of "Frank Castle". Now that I've made that clear let me respond...


There are many people in a film that serve different purposes. The leader of the pack is the director. Everything a film represents is courtesy of the director. Warzone's attack on the identity of Frank Castle is the work of Lexi Alexander - she is not alone in this though, the heads of LGF and Marvel are obviously the root to this tree of injustice. Ray Stevenson is merely a puppet in all this, trying to make something out of nothing. Thomas Jane will be fine, but Frank Castle won't. I'm happy to return to this thread - new allies to battle the horror of dickless zone are revealing themselves, and that photograph is responsible for their change of heart. I see now, that I am not alone, and the memory of the true Frank Castle is slowly gaining a new hope...


Oh, one more thing: On the whole "Give it a fucking rest" thing... TRY AND STOP ME.


-TL (Not filled with rage, just loyalty to a fallen warrior)


I don't need to run interference or save the photo. I gave an honest opinion, which is more than you've done in a long time. I don't have an agenda - I have an opinion. That's more than you can say, sir.


Hahaha... why stop a train wreck? You'll drive yourself in to the ground. Tom Jane doesn't need you to defend him, he'd come here and post himself if he felt like setting things straight. He is not without a voice and he uses it regularly. He's his own man... doesn't need you to shield him. That "fallen warrior" fell right in to writing his own comics and filming his own movies.

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TL hates the Punisher sequel?!!? HOLY CRAP! Now I have to go back and re-read the whole thread. I was confused.


Also, stopping him will be a problem. He continues to post his opinion regardless of its value. It's purely amazing! A phenomenon of persistence and futility.



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An interview with Ray Stevenson:


In an exclusive interview, the former ‘Rome’ star talks about stepping into the ‘War Zone’



Screw rays of light—what comic movies need is a Ray of darkness.


2008’s “Punisher: War Zone” from Lionsgate introduces Ray Stevenson as the third—and darkest—Punisher to ever explode on the big screen.


The actor best known for playing Titus on HBO’s “Rome” hopes to bring the same bloodthirsty brutality to Marvel’s favorite one-man army, Frank Castle.


“We’re going to have him in such a dark place,” declares Stevenson in a leathery English baritone, speaking to Wizard from the Montreal set, “and exacting so many acts of violence upon the irredeemable. Not to take away from anything Tom Jane has done, and I think that [previous] movie stands up on its own, but my take will be different. It’s a newer, darker version.”


Here’s what you need to know about Ray Stevenson and the new, improved Punisher.



After a bevy of script rewrites, directorial changes and the Punisher himself, Thomas Jane, dropping out of “Punisher 2,” a new direction was taken: Napalm everything and just start over. So forget all you know about Dolph Lundgren’s mumbling and John Travolta getting dragged behind a car—“War Zone” is a fresh start.


“This is in no way to be seen as ‘Punisher 2,’ or even ‘Punisher 3,’” says Stevenson. “It’s going full-on for the Garth Ennis and Tim Bradstreet take on Frank Castle. We’re staying very, very true to the authenticity of the comic books. The whole look of the film, the mise en scène, has that light and dark, harsh sodium colors. Frank Castle is definitely the predator.”



“Punisher: War Zone” may start the franchise from scratch, but don’t expect yet another lengthy origin yarn—the bullets start flying before you can say, “Duck, bitches!” In “War Zone,” Frank Castle is already on the feds’ Most Wanted List, having disposed of hundreds of scumbags. So when he accidentally kills an innocent and inadvertently creates his archenemy, Jigsaw, by turning a mobster’s face into scrambled eggs, you could say Frank’s not exactly batting 1,000 at the film’s start. But with the odds on his side (in the form of unlimited ammo), Frank sets out to make things right his way.



It looks like Jigsaw from Lionsgate’s “Saw” franchise is going to have some company on the backlot. For the first time, Punisher’s sewn-together archnemesis Jigsaw (aka Billy the Beaut, before he eats a faceful of glass) appears with brother Looney Bin Jim in tow. Baddies like the Kitchen Irish are also pulled right from Garth Ennis’ series, as well as several “amalgamations” of Punisher cretins, according to Stevenson. “Garth’s exposé of the human condition, for an actor, is phenomenal,” says Stevenson. “So we’re really going for the genius of Ennis [in this film]. We are definitely capturing the soul and the essence of it.”



“War Zone” is a unique film, in that the Punisher lets his trusty slingshot do the talking. We’re lying, of course: Stevenson has so many weapons in the new film that even Charlton Heston might say, “Eaaasssy there, pal!”


“We’ve got a very, very specialized hand cannon—possibly the meanest piece of weaponry I’ve ever seen,” smiles Stevenson. “It’s a Smith & Wesson .50-caliber handgun. Forget your .44 Magnum, this will stop a tank.” Through working and training with members of the Marine Corps, Stevenson cites the military as being instrumental in designing new weapons for the film. “We’ve designed a very special knife for Frank, loosely based on some weaponry the boys doctored for themselves in Vietnam,” says Stevenson. “He’s not there to knife fight with people when he pulls this out. It takes people apart.”



When you’re making a movie about an ass-kicking antihero, why not put an ass-kicking director at the helm? Director Lexi Alexander knows a thing or two about how violence should really look: She’s also a world-champion kickboxer. “She’s got the mind of a warrior, the mind of a fighter,” says Stevenson. “She knows what it’s like to stand toe-to-toe with somebody and know they’re going to try to hit you as hard as they possibly can, and you’re not there to f--- about—so she knows it when she sees it.” Still, Stevenson reiterates that “War Zone” is not a “martial arts movie,” even though Frank Castle will be forced to put his street-fightin’ skills to the test. “Frank’s not a poser. He’s not there to d----swing and threaten people,” asserts Stevenson. “When he turns up, he exacts his own brand of vengeance. He’s not there to intimidate you by saying, ‘My gun’s bigger than your gun.’ He’s just there to put you out of everyone else’s misery.”




Lexi answers questions over at SHH:


1.) Will you use the Central Park massacre that was so integral to the real Frank Castle's storyline?


It won't begin with another origin as we've already seen several takes on it so far but the scene will be referenced during the course of the movie. Take a look at issue 1 of the MAX series for an idea of the direction being taken.



2.) You mentioned you loved Marines, will Frank be a Marine this time or (PLEASE NO!) an ex Army Ranger/FBI-agent?


His character is an ex-U.S. Marine and veteran of the first Gulf War. I am a big fan of the Vietnam background of the character and particularly his portrayal in the Born storyline but unfortunately there is no practical way to incorporate this into his background for War Zone. There would need to be quite a big shift in time lines and artistic license is something you can't really have when dealing with factual events, particularly something as significant as the Vietnam war.



3.) What are some of your other favorite issues you have read, being that you have confirmed you enjoyed the year one storyline, have you gotten inspiration from any older titles?


Elements from the War Journal, War Zone and Armory issues as well as the later Garth Ennis penned titles all have an influence in the movie. The Year One story was excellent but it's not an area that is explored in any great deal.



4.) We all wish you would open your blog up for fan input, is there any special reason why your website hasnt allowed for input?


Filming schedules by their very nature are demanding and time consuming beasts so other than the initial casting announcements there's been no time to update the blog. Now that the movie is moving into post production there will be new updates very soon.




More questions:


1) Who is doing the music for War Zone?

We've got a guy named Jason Faires in charge of the music for the film. It will be his job to supervise the overall score (which will be composed at the editing stage). As for licensed music, we haven't gotten to that yet but rest assured I've been listening to some of your suggestions and any more you guys would like to make would be welcome.



2) How does Dominic West look as JIGSAW?


Really cool. He's got the type of face that you just know would look great all cut up and stitched back together. Look forward to a first glimpse of Jigsaw soon.



3) How much of filming is complete?


About 85%. We have still to add some visual effects and no doubt there will be some inserts and re-shoots during post production.



4) What will the running length for the film be?


Running time has yet to be determined with a specific number but the studio have given us a guideline of around 100 minutes. The final cut may be more or less than that but not by much.



5) When can we expect to see a trailer?


We are due to leave Montreal next week at which point we will begin to cut together the teaser trailer but we haven't been advised as to when it will be shown to the public. That will be the studio's call. If it were down to me I'd suggest it to be shown around February/March but as I said it's down to the studio. They may want it out earlier though.



6) Will Tim Bradstreet be able to make movie posters for War Zone?


I'd welcome that with open arms and I understand he has expressed an interest in doing something with us. We named a location in the movie after him so it goes to show how much respect he has in the world of The Punisher.



7) Do we get any snowy shoot-outs?


I don't want to give too much away about specific scenes but let's just say if there wasn't much snow in the film would you be too disappointed?



Cool Does Frank Castle get to break anyone's knee caps? Just a sheer brutal kick to the knee cap... I've always wanted to see Castle do that.


I'll keep that suggestion in mind. Let's just say he breaks lots of things.


9) Is this like the Punisher version of Batman Begins, sort of a reboot?


Yes, it is very much apart from what has come before.







1) How you guys dealing with all the snow in Montreal, is that an unwelcomed obstacle or are you guys incorporating it into the picture.


It hasn't been a problem at all really (aside from making some of us quite ill). You'll see that when you see the finished article.



2) If all goes well with this picture at the box offices and is well received, do you, Ray, and whoever else involved, plan on coming back for additional instalments? Basically, is this the start of a franchise?


I very much hope it's the first of many and the general feeling I get is that everyone has been having a blast making this picture. I can't see into the future though and you never know what's round the corner but I'd be up for more punishment any day.



3) Did you ever think you'd be involved in a Marvel movie?


To be honest I had never even thought about it but now that I am doing it, it's a fantastic experience. The whole project has made a big Punisher fan out of me and a fan of Marvel in general.





Cal McDonald

1.Any way you could incorparate a shot of the big guy walking down the street in a crowd with that dark look on his face.I saw a pic someone made of a made up poster here it was surreal to see him with a trench with the skull showing covered a little.Walking toward the camera it gives chillbumps.


You've pretty much nailed the type of Frank Castle Ray's been playing. He's got this intense look about him at times and his presence on screen is powerful. That's why I've been so high on his casting. I just see him as the perfect Punisher, straight out of a Max comic.



2.Will bradstreet be back for theater posters.Id like to see him tack a whack at stevenson like a Maxx cover for the movie.


Ref question 6 from Arsh.



3.Would you return for a sequel if this one does good and do you have an extended version in mind for dvd?


I'm not thinking about a director's cut right now as I'm concentrating on trying to deliver a releasable cut for the theaters. After we finish editing and we see what has to be omitted then maybe an extended cut would happen but only if the fans wanted it.



4.Any possible chance for a Garth Ennis cameo that would kick arse 3 ways till sunday.


Sorry, Garth's not in the movie but if he expressed an interest in the future then who knows.



5.How soon to a teaser trailor?


Ref question 5 from Arsh.







1. We've heard Tom Jane's reasoning for not doing the movie, but was there strife between you and Tom? As soon as he left the project they name you director.


I had absolutely no problem with Tom Jane but as soon as we had decided to shoot the film as a complete reboot we felt it was only right that the film was cast from scratch. I won't say that our casting decisions are better or worse than the previous films, all I will say is they are different. A different cast for a different vision.



2. Do we get the battle van this time around?


There is a vehicle involved. That's all I can say.



3. Why the name change of Billy Russo to Russoti, I believe it is?


I don't want to sound like I'm passing the buck but when I read the first draft of the script his name was already changed and as I didn't know anything about the character I just assumed it was right. It wasn't until I started researching him that I realized it had been changed. However the decision was taken to stick with the revised name as we felt it fit the modern version of the character. I realize this may be an unpopular decision with some people but I hope it doesn't put too many of you off coming to see the film.



4. How big of a role will Microchip have and will he be called Micro?


He'll have a fairly important role. He's Frank's access to weapons after all and yes he's called Microchip.



5. I am a very old school Punisher fan. Carl Potts, Mike Baron and Mike Zeck stuff. Any chance of a nod to us old fans of the Punisher?


There are elements borrowed from many different areas of The Punisher's back story. Although we can't acknowledge the works of all these great writers and artists we've tried to incorporate what we could where we felt it appropriate. There's some references to the old material as well as the new in there though.



6. I know it's a ways off, but what supplements were filmed for the DVD? Any good documentaries to look forward to? I would love to see a documentary on Ray's training for it, outakes/bloopers and interviews galore. Also a nice DTS 5.1 sound would make it awesome.


A making of is being filmed as was some of the early Marine training. We've got plenty of outtakes and bloopers as well but as to what will end up on the DVD isn't yet being discussed I'm afraid. I should be recording an audio commentary though and I'm fairly certain it will have a 5.1 DTS track on there too. I'd be disappointed if it didn't.





1. Why the decision not to make this a direct sequel to the 2004 movie?

Surely there could have been a sequel made that just didn't mention certain elements of the previous film but didn't go against it, either. What was behind the decision to apparently start over, after a fashion?


We wanted to make it as faithful to the source material as we could (within reason of course) so we felt a reboot would be the best way to go. I felt it was also important that we inject a feel of freshness when there was a complete overhaul of cast and crew. I can understand and respect the desire from some for a sequel to the 2004 film but that was never my intention from the get go. My hope is that this film will stand up on it's own and I'm certain it will.



2. Is Soap still in this? And he is he...himself, or has he been changed at all?


Soap is in War Zone and he's very much the Martin Soap straight from the pages of the comic book. Dash Mihok is delivering just what the character demands. You guys won't be disappointed.





I'm sorry I can't answer all of your questions guys and I'm even more sorry I can't elaborate on many of my answers. All I can ask is for you guys to wait out and when 12 September comes around hopefully you'll be pleased with what we've made for you.


T.J. told me he got the impression that you guys were deeply passionate about The Punisher so I feel it's only right that you guys have your say and rest assured we'll be listening to your suggestions. This is your movie and so is any others we may decide to make. That's why I've been taking the negative comments on board as well as the positive. It all makes for a better Punisher.


On behalf of all the cast and crew I want to extend to all of you a sincere thanks.


- Lexi

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Guest AdminGuyX
I don't want to sound like I'm passing the buck but when I read the first draft of the script his name was already changed and as I didn't know anything about the character I just assumed it was right. It wasn't until I started researching him that I realized it had been changed. However the decision was taken to stick with the revised name as we felt it fit the modern version of the character. I realize this may be an unpopular decision with some people but I hope it doesn't put too many of you off coming to see the film.


This quote is very honest, and ya know what, that's pretty fucking refreshing. I knew that Lexi was not a fan of the Punisher coming in, and personally I don't really need her to be a Punisher fan for me to expect a good film. I still don't like the idea that they are starting the character off on a weak note, and having him kill an innocent person. If the whole movie is about his redemption for this act, I don't think I'll dig it.


At the same time, there was an awful lot of chatter from Ray about Ennis and our boy Bradstreet. I sincerely hope it's true.


Guess we'll see.



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Well, reading the word "reboot" three times was rather depressing.


It sounds like a gorefest. I get the feeling LOTSA fake blood flowed on that set.


AND, it sounds like there will be multiple villains. Isn't that what people complained about in Spidey3?


Anywho, I am not familiar with Ray Stevenson, so I guess I'll have to see if Rome is on DVD and put it on my netflix queue to check him out. I was disappointed to read elsewhere that he is 6'4". I think anyone over 6'2" is out of the everyman zone. And that was one of the attractions of the Punisher character to me.


It does sound like she is trying to stay true to the comic. I truly don't know if that will be a good thing or not.

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Sorry people, felt compelled to delete a few of these posts.

It's too bad when things get out of hand.

I enjoy a lively debate and think it's healthy to have many perspectives.

Leading up to this things had gotten a little heated but tempers had not flared above the high normal range ;)


I don't want to have to delete posts because I think the debate provides for some interesting reading but when we revert to the classic 15 year old mentality I gotta chuck the personal attack crap.


One thing is for sure, "Warzone" is inspiring some heated opinions both ways.


I respect a negative viewpoint even if I do not agree with it entirely.

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts on this matter but PLEASE try and keep it civil.

Please respect that this is a public forum and your behavior in these matters is on display for everyone to see.

If you can't play nice just ignore the topic until the impulse to retaliate passes.

Or simply THINK for a minute before responding with bloody ire and cold vengeance.

This is not a high school playground, please respect us enough to keep it from descending there.


Respectfully - TB

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Well, since we've gone back to civility...


Based on Lexi's and Ray's answers, I'm more optimistic about this film... much more brutal take on the subject matter. Of course there's the matter of the dead innocent which a lot of people don't like... but if it is handled well, then I don't have too big a problem with it. At least we get to look forward to lots of violence.


By the way, Tim, any more word on those posters from your end?

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Nothing official to report.

Parties are in contact though.


And based on (was it Lexi who mentioned it?) what was reported in those interviews I guess the Bradstreet Hotel will be in the film . . . That's pretty awesome.


Thanks guys!


- TB

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My take...Tom is an artist and envisioned the character going a certain direction. He was dissatisfied with the way he saw the sequel going and bugged out.


I, for one, am still hoping for an amazing films. I loved Ray in "King Arthur" (Haven't seen "Rome" yet) and think he'll do a great job in the role. The only thing that will kill this film for me (and it's what made Tom walk away) is a bad script.



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Aright I'm a bit behind on this specific thread.


My opinion about the first photo of Ray as Frank:


Everyone says he looks like Steven Seagal. I say that before everyone judges the movie off of one photo, Wait for some more clear photos of Ray to come out before everyone jumps to conclusions and decides that the film is gonna bomb because of what they've seen. Maybe judge after you see a shot of Ray in the Punisher tee with a full picture of his face. See the way his body looks you know?


My opinion of the script reviews:


I'm satisfied with most of it. One element that disturbs me is the fact that he accidentally kills an undercover cop. It pissed me off cause Frank would never make that mistake. He's never wanted in the comic books for accidentally killing an innocent. He punishes the guilty and that's all he ever punishes. He's too smart and professional so to speak, to make that mistake. Then he hangs his head throughout the movie. I don't think this movie is going to suck and I guarentee I will see it 3 to 5 fuckin times in the theatres. Am I the only person that feels this way about that part of the script? Also, not as big of a deal, but I would like to have seen Russo go head first through a plate glass window like in Year One, as opposed to

having his face smashed into a glass grinder from a glass factory.

It's not a bad idea though.


I would just like to be as true to the comic book as possible. The violent content sounds pretty good. In my opinion the Punisher should be the easiest fuckin comic book to adapt on the big screen. Am I wrong? You don't have to sit there and try to figure out whether or not webs should come out of his wrists or stick with the cartridges. You don't have to figure out how to make him levitate or how to "ice-up". He's a human. What he does is actually possible. Granted you probably wouldn't get away with it nearly as long as him but my point is that it can fuckin happen. Because of this like I said before, he is the easiest character to put on the big screen or even an HBO series for that matter. Am I wrong? If I am, please tell me why or how. If I sound like a dick or something I'm not trying to be. And I am in no way shape or form doubting Lexi's work (even if it sounds like I am) I don't doubt her, I'm sure I will like her film very much. I'm just saying even back in 1988 when the Punisher was in production and released in '89 with Dolph Lundgren, they could have stayed true to the story. Dolph had to be out of the picture though. I love the guy and he had a fantastic Frank Castle look, but everyone and their mother knows the big guy can't act. That's how I feel over all. Anyone care to comment on that subject? Tim? Anybody?





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Just curious, because I think someone else said this too, why is it so unbelievable that Frank could accidentally kill an undercover cop? DIDN'T HE HUNT DOWN SPIDERMAN BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE WAS A VILLAIN? Frank has shown a history of making assumptions about who people are only to find out he's wrong. It would make sense that in a room full of people if someone shoots at you (and I think a cop would shoot at The Punisher) that you shoot back and assess the damage later. I'm just saying. It depends on how they do it. I don't think it's very far fetched at all.



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This seems like a pretty common disagreement... over at the GPA, we duked it out months ago and got it out of the way. :-) I personally don't mind the storyline... that's not to say I would have put it in if I magically got editorial control, but there's enough evidence in the comic to support that this, one day, could have happened.


Castle's always used varying degrees of prep work. While he regularly enough seems to know the name of every gangster he mows down, there are those instances where he has no choice but to take out somebody who's drawing a bead on him that he doesn't know. Most of the time, it's safe to say those gunmen are there in support of somebody he does know and they probably deserve to die. Even if they haven't yet hurt anybody, the odds are good that they will hurt somebody in the service of a monster. Also, as a minor note, in Castle's first written brush with Captain America, it was revealed to him that a lady who was part of a mob crew (which Castle was targeting) was an undercover FBI agent. This was revealed only after Cap stopped him from attacking the gang.


So it's not the most common thing you associate with the character, but it doesn't break canon that there could be the rare accident.

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Guest AdminGuyX

For me, canon or not canon, it will be all about how it's handled. Back in the day Frank did a lot of investigation before walking into a room and mowing everyone down. He didn't go on any willy nilly killing sprees. He chose his targets, and knew who was in his crosshairs.


Yeah, he was duped a few times early on, like the spider-man/Jackal thing, but I don't think it's a good idea to be building a movie on this kind of event. The lead characters making life and death mistakes tend to turn an audience off, you know? The spider-man stuff was his introduction as a supposed villian, but ultimately he didn't kill Spider-man, obviously, and he was wildly popular, so they made him an anti-hero.


It's not the idea that he'd run across undercover agents, obviously he would, it's not even that he'd kill one accidentally. It's that I'm not particularly interested in seeing a whole film about it, and I'm hoping that it's only a springboard for the story, not the crux of it.


And the teenager in me who loved the character of Microchip is actually kind of happy he's in the film. It could lend some humanity to the story, and also some humor. I just hope they don't gimmick the character and waste him.



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Well yes the Punisher has made mistakes before BUT, he never made a mistake horrible enough to kill someone and later find out that the person he killed was indeed innocent. When he makes the mistakes he takes note and moves on. Sometimes he blows weeks or even months of undercover work from what I remember because of a mistake. He never accidentally killed an innocent and hung his head for the rest of his life over it would be my point.

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I largely agree, I'd way rather have him in control of the things around him... that's the appeal of the character at this point in his evolution. Kind of like Stevenson said recently about him being a predator, he's definitely best portrayed as the hunter. In some of the older comics when he's not at all in control and just reacting again and again (see Mike Baron's comics, but for the love of god try to borrow them and not pay for the little terrors ;)) it's sort of draining. He'll probably have control for most of the movie (just plain taking out the garbage) but this seems to be how they decided to shake that up a little and make the audience worry about him as a person.


And the teenager in me who loved the character of Microchip is actually kind of happy he's in the film. It could lend some humanity to the story, and also some humor. I just hope they don't gimmick the character and waste him.


Truthfully, he was created as a gimmick... he was unimportant enough to have undergone a complete first and last name change, and his background changed with almost every issue. Obviously he's better in some stories than in others but that gimmick niche is going to be really tough for him to escape... I don't have much hope, especially since they're throwing in a random "mom with alzheimers" storyline. Great casting choice in Wayne Knight though, brilliant in its obviousness. I have no doubt he's perfect as any incarnation of Micro.

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I respect a negative viewpoint even if I do not agree with it entirely.

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts on this matter but PLEASE try and keep it civil.

Please respect that this is a public forum and your behavior in these matters is on display for everyone to see.

If you can't play nice just ignore the topic until the impulse to retaliate passes.

Or simply THINK for a minute before responding with bloody ire and cold vengeance.

This is not a high school playground, please respect us enough to keep it from descending there.


Respectfully - TB



in other words, shape it up or you'll be shipped out, folks.


we wanna hear what you've gotta say, as long as you know how to do it with civility.


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