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The Punisher: WarZone

Tim Bradstreet

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Well now I'm torn. I was hoping this WOULDN'T happen. I planned on seeing the film last night. My new job has me on a 4PM-2AM shift Tuesday through Friday so no opening night. However, I got called out to L.A. for a photo shoot (out here until tomorrow morning) and have been unable to see it. After Noeland's comments I'm not sure that I even want to. Very sad.


I also don't consider this an "I told you so" from folks like TL. Giving a film the benefit of the doubt until it's out there is INTELLIGENT.


Anyway, any of you Californians who want to hang, you got about 24 hours to get in touch. I'm a busy guy. :P



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Well... I didn't want to attack the movie or spoil it for anyone since I was lucky enough to see it at the premiere. That's why my only comment on the film was very vague. And I didn't hate the movie and I wasn't venomous after seeing it. I was just severely disappointed.


But I have to say, I agree with everything Noeland said. Most of the acting seemed like it was a cartoon. After the movie, I literally said, "I expected Cesar Romero and Burgess Meredith from the '60s BATMAN TV show to pop up on screen." as that was the level of most of the acting. I wanted to make a citizens arrest at the after party and take Dash Mihok to movie jail for a year. I can't even explain that performance.


I love Ray on ROME and if he was actually given something to do and given some good material, he would be fantastic. He's fine here. He comes off well. But the material lets him down in a huge way.


Doug Hutchison has some really fun moments in the movie. And I love the subtle joke of cutting to the interrogation room and showing the broken mirror with him just nursing his hands. If there was more of that creativity in the movie, it would be a lot better.


I also love GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS. There are great performances in that movie. So I was shocked by this movie and how poor the performances were. I can't believe that Lexi Alexander directed this movie. I have to assume that she approached it like a violent cartoon and never took it seriously. Because she is fully capable of getting strong performances from actors, so that was the most disappointing thing for me.


And again, while I agree with everything Noeland said, and I hated seeing the Punisher run down streets and do really awkward things that I don't want to see, I did like how he handled his guns. I liked seeing him stop and reload, holster a handgun so it was ready. It's a very small thing in a very bad movie, but at least they got something right. Some day, I'd like to see a Punisher movie that treats the character somewhere between LEON THE PROFESSIONAL and THE DARK KNIGHT. They are both human, but there is a certain mystery to how they do things. There's a scene in this flick where the Punisher ducks into a parking garage. He should have just disappeared. But then we see him running down a street almost right into the arms of Budiansky. It was horrible.


And I don't care how you try to justify it, the hanging from the chandelier bit was just something that they thought was cool. But it makes absolutely no sense. No one with any military background would make that choice and be such a sitting duck. It's not cool. It's incredibly stupid.


The bottom line is that the script is awful. Everything else feeds off of that. It's not that hard to write a Punisher movie. We've all seen plenty of movies that are essentially Punisher movies. And some of them are great. This should be the easiest character to translate to the screen. I'll never understand why they've failed three times.


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Guest AdminGuyX

Fred, I think you should see it and decide for yourself.


Lots of folks are liking it, even loving it. So you might too.


But you said it many pages ago Fred. This was not the film for me.


Brian, I liked Green Street too. A lot. But I knew this wasn't the same kind of movie. This really wasn't a film you were supposed to take seriously, but even on that level, a film I really didn't bother taking seriously, I still hated it.


I liked seeing him stop and reload, holster a handgun so it was ready. It's a very small thing in a very bad movie, but at least they got something right.


You know, I just didn't even pay attention to the gun play because it was ridiculous. I thought it was interesting how the first gun we see him pick up is the colt 1911, the gun he's most known for, and then he never uses it in the film.


What I noticed about the reloading actually is that the shoot outs would stop, he's reload, and then they'd start up again. I don't remember him ever reloading behind cover, and under fire. Probably because he never used cover, and shot everyone from out in the open.


Honestly, I let THAT stuff go. Because from a tactical standpoint, this was very much a cartoon. As much of a stink as I made about the gunplay earlier, that was very least of the problems I had with War Zone.


The opening shootout was just stupid. The chandelier was beyond a cartoon. Not even bugs bunny would have done that. But, even before that, he's stabbing people with forks, and NOBODY is doing anything. There were guys with guns in the room, but they all stood around while he killed everyone with utensils.


And, all the closeups of lamps getting shot while he was spinning around was excessive. Gratuitous lamp violence is just uncalled for.




Sincerely, I hope the venom I spewed for this film isn't taken wrong, because if you liked the film, I'm envious. I really wanted to be right there with you, and after the love fest we had on here, even MikeV posting that he enjoyed it, I was sure I would too.



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I thought it was hilarious that Castle was just walking/running down the street in plain sight. I had a thought, if they had gotten rid of the collar, they could have had Castle wearing a trench coat. It's liked mentioned, Castle gets shot in the back twice in the movie, and both shooters after shooting him just stand there and wait to be shot.


And I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, I thought it kinda sucked only little less than you I guess.


Also, take a gander at this. Another reason I believe Alexander did not fully get the character.


RS: What about The Punisher as a character? Does he have a code? Would he kill women and children?

LA: He killed a woman in the opening scene! Didn't you see it?

RS: Yeah, last night. I must have been rubbing my eyes at the wrong moment or something. Which woman did he kill?

LA: Remember the mafia wife? The Don's wife? There were actually discussions about that. We went back and forth on it and we compromised on the fact that if she would go for a gun, he would kill her. Personally, I would have had him kill her just because she's sitting there. But yeah, and I do think he would kill a kid if the kid's out there pushing weapons or drugs. If he would see a twelve year-old at the school ground pushing heroin, he'd kill the kid. That's what I think. That's The Punisher. That's why people who love The Punisher, and know his mythology, and are so obsessed with him. He's not a hero, he's really kind of an anti-hero.


Yeah, Castle would never kill a kid. He'd put the fear of God into the kid and make him simultaneously shit and piss himself, and he'd tell the little bastard that if he keeps going down that road he'll being seeing the skull in the future.


So good call to Tom Jane for refusing to proceed.


It's a definite fuck yeah, Jane was right to leave. The movie only pulled in $4 million over the weekend, it bombed worse than the 2004 film which was able to get around $13 million on its first weekend.

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Seriously, why do people like that movie??


Take it form me ( and I know from real personal experience) that film did nothing but glamorise arseholes. I live about two streets from "Englands Most Notorious" (The tabloids quote, not mine) and he and his strong arm mates are nothing but pussies who need a pack. They fight amongst themselves when they can organise it, fine with me. But when they can't get that they beat the shit out of anyone weaker than them, I've seen them beat on individuals when their in their pack, beat on disabled people, beat on women, and all for fun!! I know these animals murdered an individual in my local bar for fuck sake. Then they end up in something like Combat 18, vote BNP and beat on minorities. I know its a world away, but when I see a film that glamorises gang violence I despair of the disconnect these people have with the reality of it all.


I wouldn't mind, i've seen a few films about these thugs, but in this one were supposed to RESPECT that Elijahs character has become a MAN from hanging with them!! Total bollocks.


theres a British film called Rise of the Foot Soldier that shows just what monsters these people are. Its a lot more honest about the whole sorry fucking mess.

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It's a definite fuck yeah, Jane was right to leave. The movie only pulled in $4 million over the weekend, it bombed worse than the 2004 film which was able to get around $13 million on its first weekend.


After you wrote this Mike I went to compare and you were right:



Thank you Tom Jane for having good sense.

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Stats from Variety:


“War Zone” is the third “Punisher” film to be produced about the vigilante character Frank Castle after the 1989 straight-to-video version and Lionsgate’s 2004 redux which respectively toplined Dolph Lundgren and Thomas Jane in the title role. The 2004 “Punisher” grosssed $5.2 million on its first day and cumed $13.8 million in its opening weekend. Ray Stevenson of HBO’s “Rome” plays Castle in “War Zone.”






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Another thing, the attempts at black humor really came off as just slapstick. The 2004 film kinda had the same problem, at least there were some actually darkly funny lines peppered throughout the the thing. The whole "Howard Saint's gonna fuck your life up", "He already fucked my life up". Castle sticking the anti-personal mine in John Saint's hand some others I'm too lazy to look up. This one the only line I got a laugh from Soap's line at the end.


Why, oh why couldn't they have just let Walter Hill direct the movie. He probably would have actually understood the character a lot more. And not just the violence.

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And that's kinda how Alexander seemed to have seen the character too, it's just a comic book so it's kinda silly.



RS: I hear protest in your voice, but I want to switch gears and talk about the comedy. People seem to be responding to it -- at my screening they were laughing and clapping throughout.

LA: Oh, good! Yeah, that's exactly what I was aiming for. It's funny, I read a couple of reviews today and some of them - only a few - but some of them said, "Oh, I wish that Jigsaw wouldn't have been humorous!" But that was my favorite part of the whole fucking thing. It's over the top. It's funny. It's a comic book movie. It's great that Ray [stevenson] is such an incredible actor that he can give weight to the internal turmoil of The Punisher, but my God, you've got a guy with horse hide on his face - how serious can we get? I was in a screening yesterday with a lot of people and I was so touched when they were laughing out loud that I was almost crying.


I'd say a guy with horse hide on his face could be played as serious. I've seen pictures of guys coming back from Iraq/Afghanistan that looked just as bad if not worse than Jigsaw in the movie. It's not all that unbelievable or silly.

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How did TJ see the Punisher in the short/long term? Curious to read that...

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Oh that's somewhere deep within the dark caverns of this big fucking thread.

I've been looking for that post. It was really interesting and explained the Taxi Driver reference that so upset some people. If you guys find it, would you re-post it?



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Woo hoo! I found it. I just remembered that I had emailed the link to somebody so I found it in his email file!




well this thread is damn entertaining. question is, what will we do with ourselves once the damn film comes and goes?


the problem is how things get out of hand and blown around and facts get distorted to support whatever argument some one is trying to make.

i didn't leave over walter hill. i left because i saw in castle a true tragic figure in fiction, and i loved the guy and i wanted HIS STORY to be told in a realistic manner that is fitting the tale. like taxi driver. like dog day afternoon. like fuckin SERPICO, with some death wish mixed in and yeah it's an action film and yeah it's a comic book but i think the way to keep comic book films alive is to treat them with the respect that the stories deserve. and look out! a guy named Nolan does just that a year later and look what happens.


i went to LGF with a BAG of dvd's. thirty or forty. big meeting with everyone from marvel and LG there. and i laid them on the table. all gritty urban crime dramas and action films. you all know the ones. and i said this is what we want to see with P2. i even outlined a simple story where we had a female FBI agent working on bringing down a mob family for three years, doing wiretaps and collecting evidence, and on the big night of the bust, FC walks in and kills every one of them in three minutes. job done. and this chick, she's like who the FUCK is this asshole? Three years down the drain in three minutes by some joker with a skull on his chest? no fucking way. and she goes to her boss and says I WANT FRANK CASTLE. he's an affront to the System. this is a girl who had to do everything by the book just to get where she is, loves her job and believes in it, but is kinda feeling that 'glass ceiling' that women sometimes hit in a man's world. she's had to have all the T's crossed and I's dotted to make it, and FC just pisses her off to no end. she goes after him, and she CATCHES him. Locks him up. job done. but at the same time, the MOB goes after her, and kidnaps her kid. (this was Jigsaw and his men.) they are gonna kill the kid. no time for 'by the book.' so she goes to castle in lock up. she looks at him and he looks at her. and she leaves the key on the floor and walks out. and castle destroys every last one of them.


that was the story in a nutshell. i wasn't hung up on that story in particular, just something with some emotion and balls and speaks to the fact that love him or hate him Frank Castle does what he does so we don't have to. he's a necessary evil, because he's the only guy in town who's willing to live with the heinous fucking shit that sometimes has got to be done. everyone nodded their heads and we talked for an hour about bringing back the Great Urban Crime Film. problem was, no one could write it. we went through so many drafts. i even worked with Ennis on an outline. but LG could not get away from the Comic Book Film. it was very light and the characters were just superficial. Sutter did professional work. great guy, trying to give the studio what they wanted. like him a lot. but when it became obvious that LG wasn't interested in developing that KIND of story, and frankly weren't interested in spending the cash on a good script. i said guys, i just can't do this to the character i love. can't live with it. can't make the 'would have been great if' movie of frank one more time. this is me speaking from the heart, and not trying to be PC here. so i walked away and i sent an open letter to Quint at ain't it cool outlining my feelings on the thing. i'm sure you can look it up. THEN LG got another director. THEN the 'reboot' stuff. makes sense to reboot after the actor walks, right?


Bradstreet is right - when i say 'piece of crap' that's just me talking. Hey, might be a masterpiece from someone else's POV. i guess if i wanted to be polite i could say 'not my cup 'o tea.' but then that wouldn't be me talking, would it.


I wondered if he (Tom) had anyone in mind to play the female FBI agent? Dear God I hope it wasn't Julie Benz. :huh:

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There was also this thing where Jane even went as far as asking for the fans to write suggestions for him to give to Lionsgate.


April 7, 2007 - 'Punisher 2' – A Call to Arms


For almost three years fans have been clamoring for a sequel to ‘The Punisher’ film released in April of 2004. Over that time we have heard tons of rumors and speculation on the progress of a new film. Who will star? Who will be the villain? When will the script be done? When will it start shooting? When will it be released?!?!?!?


You have no doubt read either here or on other internet sites about the various people working on a script. Well, it would seem that there have been a total of 4 complete scripts written so far. The news of Stuart Beattie (Collateral) being brought on board to flesh out a version of the script brought a new hope to many of us. Apparently Stuart did not even scratch the surface (5 total pages) before he moved onto another project. Just recently a small snippet was unearthed that Kurt Sutter (The Shield) was working on the project, as either writer or director which again raised the speculation flag and had many a fan’s hopes up.


I am rehashing this history to try and get us all up to speed on what I am about to tell you:


Things are not looking good for this movie franchise.


This afternoon I had the pleasure of having lunch with Thomas Jane to discuss the status of ‘Punisher 2’. Thomas is a hard working guy these days. He has four films “in the can” and not even released in theaters yet. He just completed of a 40 day shoot on ‘The Mist’ where his short days of shooting were only 14 hours long. He is developing future feature films and comic books for his RAW Entertainment company, and is going to start filming his directorial debut feature film towards the end of this year. In 3D none the less !!!


Thomas has been working out hard these past few months in preparation of a July start date of principal photography on ‘Punisher 2’. Thomas is a very passionate guy when it comes to his projects and has a very good idea on where he sees the Punisher franchise going. Marvel wants to re-invent the franchise. Put some time and money behind what could potentially be a very successful series of films featuring everyone’s favorite vigilante. Lionsgate (the studio with the rights to the character currently) wants to shove a new film into the production pipeline without giving much thought to a decent script or director. They have egg on their face because the sequel process has taken as long as it already has. Their option on the character's license will expire within the next year, and unless they start production on something, the rights will revert back to Marvel. (Shades of Roger Corman’s 1994 ‘Fantastic Four’ come to mind.)


There will be a meeting this Monday, April 9th between Lionsgate, Marvel, Gale Ann Hurd (producer), and Thomas Jane. Per Jane, he has script and director approval in order for him to be involved in a sequel. So far, the scripts that have been turned in are not good. The script writers are going for more of a comedic approach to the character. Granted, this is a movie based on a Comic Book character. But a majority of the fans like this character because he is grounded in reality. No spandex, no super powers, no super villains. The Punisher is what anyone of us could turn into if the circumstances were to go a certain way. There is a little Punisher in each and every one of us and I feel that is what draws us to this character.


Thomas has brought a story to the table which is very compelling. It has portions of both old school Punisher and new school tactics. Each of the writer’s (except Hensleigh; his first script for the sequel was an original idea using portions of the pre-existing comic book story lines.) has been directed to flesh out this story and develop a script. None have succeeded in Jane’s eyes.


Although I can’t be very specific on the details of Jane’s story for ‘Punisher 2’, I can tell you that it is a very compelling one. Yes, Jigsaw is the major villain and yes, it will be set in New York City. Jane would like to see a film that has the Punisher involved in some very close and personal fighting styles. Lots of Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and less shooting up a ton of bad guys with automatic weapons.


If Lionsgate will not pony up the funds and resources to bring on an experienced film writer to develop a decent script, Thomas Jane will not be involved in a sequel.


This coming Monday Thomas will try and convince Lionsgate they are approaching this franchise the wrong way and this is not the type of movie that Punisher fans are calling for. Jane envisions a movie in the vein of ‘Taxi Driver’ or ‘Collateral’. Something dark and crime noir. Something that carries with it the look and feel of the last 10 minutes of the first film. Not a “Steven Segal rip off.” What he wants to do is convince Lionsgate this is what the fans are looking for too.


Or, what are the fans looking for?


We need your help in compiling some statistics on what the Punisher fan has in mind for a sequel. What are a Punisher fan’s favorite movies? What kind of film do you want ‘Punisher 2’ to be? What directors would be perfect for ‘Punisher 2’?


Jane would like to hear from you and take this information to the table on Monday. We do not have a lot of time to compile this information so get your ideas in now. Forward this to your friends and fellow Punisher fans. Copy this to all your internet message boards and get the word out there that we are about to lose this franchise to a group of people that are not in tune with the character or what the fans really want.


Send in your ideas to punisher2@thepunisher.com. Answer the above questions and also submit some of your ideas on the movie and what you would like to see up on that screen. Remember !!! We have little time and this is a rare opportunity to make a contribution from the fan community.



The Punisher Archives



And here's this little bit from awhile ago where Tim goes deeper into what the sequel could have been.


Not much beyond a kernel of an idea, mainly Tom wasn't happy with the scripts that were coming in, not the kind of film he wanted to make. He didn't want to tie himself to something he felt was sophomoric and tired. He felt the character deserved a serious film, that's the film he wanted to make. Scrap the one-liners and shed the comedy, among many other little things. Like he said, he wanted to make something in the vein of "Taxi Driver", not necessarily depressing . . . but a film that is a cut above, that stands up over the years and maybe just maybe becomes a classic. Bottom line he didn't want a repeat of the first film and wanted to take the whole thing to the next level.

He didn't have the script and he didn't have the director that could do that for him. He met resistance from the powers that be in hoping to elevate the franchise.

Everyone was running out of time. As was Tom's contractual right, he decided that the direction for the film was not for him and divested himself from the project rather than get stuck doing something he didn't believe in. He turned away from a very nice payday and a character he LOVES, and he did it for all the right reasons.

Once he left there was some serious scrambling going on and my understanding is that the whole project was reexamined. When Ray was cast and Lexi came on board it became what it is now. I'm not saying this is going to be Taxi Driver, far from it. But I do think the production took another big step towards being the kind of thing Jane might have said yes to. We'll see right?



On a different note, I got a long look at all the stills from the Montreal shoot recently and I will say this. The first shot they released? If any of you were worried about that you can put your fears to rest. I'm not saying there won't be a few complainers when the public is treated to more, there ALWAYS are complainers. But the lion's share of fans will be massively jacked. And just my two cents . . . Jigsaw/Dominic West looks top. Still haters with the Wayne Knight casting? Forget it. It looks like he played it straight all the way, in fact, I thought he looked perfect as Micro. He's lost some weight and looks real good. People will be pleasantly surprised.

Doug Hutchinson looks AWESOME. Way under rated actor who looks like he might steal the show ala Ben Foster in 2004.


- TB

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Well dayum...you mean to tell me they wouldn't back TJ on that? And they thought the fans would go along with it? You know, this movie industry has turned into nothing but suits who don't know jack shit about making a great movie. Keep ignoring the fans and give them what you think we should have and we will turn our backs on your sorry asses in a heartbeat.


And you wonder why everybody is perfecting their home entertainment systems...who wants to go to a theater to see a bunch of bullshit?


Jeez...this is sickening.

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And that's kinda how Alexander seemed to have seen the character too, it's just a comic book so it's kinda silly.


I agree, MikeV, and it's unfortunate. I've not commented much in this thread because I admit I am neither a comic nor a Punisher aficionado. But I sure as h*ll have always had the utmost respect for the legacy of the character, as well as the Marvel canon.


I loved The Punisher '04 as a movie, all by itself, and because I thoroughly appreciated Thomas Jane's metamorphosis into a real, living, breathing Frank Castle.


I try not to hate on my own gender, so I was giving Ms. Alexander the benefit of the doubt about helming PWZ, but when she threw away some comments (in an interview posted upthread), I found her somewhat insulting. She joked about being able to whip through the source material in one weekend, because "it's a comic book, you know!" and glossed over Tim Bradstreet's contribution like he was some interim sketch artist or something ...


I completely respected Jonathan Hensleigh for giving a dam* with P'04 (as is fully evident from his commentary). I have lost respect for Lexi and what I take to be her casual disregard and lack of due diligence, research, and respect for the Punisher character and mythos.


For shame. <_<

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Oh Christ where to start?


On Friday night my buddy came to pick me up in a red El Camino. We were going to see PWZ with the "right" frame of mind.

I had a bottle of Jack D's tucked in my pocket. Ordered a coke at the concession.

The movie started. I almost walked out after the opening scene but I was already in for 17 bucks between the ticket and the pop.


Hanging upside down from a chandelier? Really? Surely they all saw Boondock Saints. The boys accidentally falling out of the ceiling in tandem and shooting up the room. That was supposed to be over the top balls out insane. It was funny, stylish and cool. In PWZ it was just lame.


I echo one of the previous comments. It felt like I was trapped in a 1960's Batman episode with ultra violent head wounds.


I will say that the last 8 minutes were pretty cool. When he was sweeping from hallway to hallway. They should have started the movie with that scene and deleted the rest of it. Right down to the bad cable TV lighting.


Re-reading those comments from Tom Jane just drives it home even more. Tom made the best possible move period. Here is an actor who has starred in one of the best historical crime movies (Stander) and one the best horror movies(The Mist) of the last decade. The man knows his shit.


The international film community is now schooling the US in brutal uncompromising revenge films.

From Hong Kong you've got Sha Po Lang (Kill Zone) and Dog Bite Dog.


In 2005 A Bittersweet Life (Dalkomhan insaeng) came out of South Korea. You want to see a fucking cool film about a gangster crawling back from death to exact revenge you'd do right to start there.


I stick with the small screen lately for my American gritty drama. Watching Sutter do it right with Sons of Anarchy or the skull-punching finale to the Shield. At least Stallone is having some fun piecing together The Expendables for 2010. It'll be fun watching him shoot up South American jungles with Dolph Lungren and Jason Statham.

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Alright guys, despite bad reviews and only making 4 million at the box office taking a shitty 8th place, here's my review:



I liked the movie. I didn't have a problem with the photography at all. I was satisfied was Gainer's work. The action was pretty sweet I think and I love to see the blood all over.


A few problems I had: Ray Stevenson is big but he's not built. I understand that he was only cast 2 months before principle photography but still, Castle is a built guy. Keep him clothed. I don't like how he was shown sleeveless in the opening credits. Also on top of that, I HATE how he had a tattoo. That was a complete turnoff of me. His story in sequence was good. I like the little slideshow Soap did for him.


A big part of the story that I didn't like is how he killed a fed. Frank doesn't make these mistakes, so why put it there? I know they needed a good reason for a plot and a somewhat dramatic storyline with the family and what not but I think it could've been approached differently.




Frank - Stevenson's a great Frank Castle. Ruthless, dark, a certain type of emotional, everything you want in the Punisher I think. Just his lack of muscle mass and tattoo disturbed me as I already mentioned.


Jigsaw - West was a good Jigsaw I think. Billy is a big boy too, so that's one side effect I saw with the character. I like his sense of humor. Some people say that Russoti and his goons were Soprano wannabes. I don't think this is the case. They're mobsters from New York. That's how they act, talk, and walk.


Looney Bin Jim - A surprisingly good character. Funny, psychotic, and loyal to his brother. Wish he was in the comics. Hutchison is a good actor. It's just a shame that I haven't seen him in some serious work since Green Mile. I called him a sellout at one point. I take that back though.


Micro - Wayne Knight was a good choice. I personally don't care for the character much but since he was there, I think he coulda used a little more screen time.

Budianski - Colin Salmon is a decent actor. I've never seen him before. When reading the comics, I saw a Samuel L. Jackson type of character in him. He's completely different but I liked his partnership with Soap and how he bumps heads with Castle.


Soap - I don't know why people are dogging on Soap soo much. I think he was one of the more accurately portrayed characters in the movie.


Angela Donnateli - Julie Benz is hot. She was overdramtic though. Is she Lionsgate's go to lady these days?


Pitsy - I prefer the comic book version. The man who could take a fuckin beating and keep coming. It woulda been awesome if they had a fight scene from the comics. I liked Mark Camacho's sense of humor for the character though.


Ink - He shoulda been more quiet and I don't like how he was Pitsy's son.


Maginty - What's with the jumps and meth high? I don't think he shoulda been in the movie at all. He should have been saved for another film because his character in MAX has a good plot in Kitchen Irish. I love how Frank fucked him up though.



So not a bad movie at all over all. I liked it but had certain preferences. Whata ya gonna do? No such thing as perfection. I just don't get why it has to take 3 or more tries to make a good Punisher movie. He's the easiest character to put from the comics to the screen.






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