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The Punisher: WarZone

Tim Bradstreet

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The more I see of Ray, the more I'm liking it. Not too sure about the Jigsaw stuff though. I don't really have a problem with the character so far (besides the costumes) but it seems like every time he's in a scene the background is all diffrent colors of neon. I just don't want to see the character reduced to the equivalent of Two-Face in Batman Forever.

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And different people just want different things out of a Punisher movie.


Also, what the hell is going with this image?




I'm getting some Batman '89, Batman Forever, Dick Tracy vibes with some of these clips. I don't know if that was intentional or not, it's like those three movies fucked in a pool of blood and guts and out came War Zone: Punisher. To be clear I'm not trying to be insulting, it's just a thought that came up.




I think its halarious



lbj just standing there like a complete psycho while jigsaw goes patton



amazing touch, its the small stuff like this that sets this movie apart

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Out of respect for one of our members I'm not going to go into any real detail about TL.

Suffice it to say that we brought in Trudell a little while back in an attempt to control issues with personal attacks.

Read more about this issue here ---> Rules of Conduct


In this case we posted a strict warning about personal attacks.

TL has a way of communicating sometimes that can be rather abrasive to some.

Fred was the first to fall victim to the crackdown.

A few weeks later TL crossed the line with another member so he was suspended for a stretch.

We were very clear about this warning and specifically made a point to mention that we don't play favorites, which should seem obvious since both Fred and TL are two of our most active members.

TL wants to believe that the suspension was personal because of some posturing comments he made in this thread. Not true. The timing was purely coincidental.

Bottom line is think before you post. If your purpose is to demean another member or to attack that person verbally either using foul language or not, you're gonna take a vacation.


Trudell was specifically brought in because she is unbiased. I'm bad at this because I hate to pass judgement on folks. Not my line really. I let a lot slide when it shouldn't be tolerated. Trudell is a trusted friend and a true professional. She has final word on all behavior issues. In fact, someone very recently in this thread was red flagged for calling someone else a dick (and not in a friendly way).

So be cool. Discuss the topic, feel free to argue, just don't let yourself get caught in a full-on pissing contest.


Read the rules and warnings and have a better experience for it.

And let's avoid the topic of TL's suspension here unless he'd like to discuss it when he comes back, IF he decides to come back.

He's off suspension sometime around Christmas.


- TB

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To get back on topic, I'm heading up to the City Of Angels December 1st to check out the premiere of Warzone.

Don't know if it has any other pre screenings but I'll post my comments on December 2 sometime.

Looking forward to seeing Gale, Ray, and Jeff Wolfe, meeting Lexi and Steve, etc . . .

I hope Doug Hutchinson is in attendance 'cause I'd love to yap with him about working on Give 'Em Hell Malone.


I'm pretty excited to see the whole product. I think Ray will be excellent.

I've been avoiding commenting lately because I've already shared my feelings about this film much earlier in the thread.

I'm a little confused about this Marvel Knights label they've slapped on the film.

It's so based in MAX it just seems natural if it wasn't going to be under the Marvel Comics banner proper, that it would be under the MAX banner.

I know it's been discussed, I just think the Knights thing is strangely inaccurate.


Based on what I've seen I think the fans will be much happier with this film than the 04 film, mainly because it seems like the ultra-violent vehicle most have been waiting for.

Also, rooted in MAX, it has a much better springboard than the previous films. The source material is just plain better. That's not to say I'm in love with the direction (of the film, not the director), but I can definitely see why the supporters are on the bandwagon. These comments are meant to take nothing away from Jane who I thought was splendid in the 04 film. Jane, Will Patton, and Mark Collie were the saving graces, performance wise. I really wish that things had worked out and it was Tom we were going to see on screen wearing the skull. But as I mentioned a few hundred pages back, I'm a fan of Ray's and feel that this franchise was saved from disaster when he signed on. The guy wearing the skull is going to make or break it. And Ray looks like he's going to stand tall. I hope the rest of the film does him credit.


Too bad. It would have been interesting to read TL's comments in here on 12/6.


Don't you worry. I told TL I'd be happy to post his review in his absence. I'm sure he'll be back to join in the fray soon after.


- TB

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Sorry to bring this up again, but Fred and TL haven't been banned for good, have they?


No, Fred is back from his self-imposed vacation.


As for War Zone, that Patton shot is interesting--i'm kinda torn about it, it seems like it may come across kinda cheesy, but it has potential to be cool without being too over-the-top.

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You know I can't believe that I go to work for 7 hours and come back and see another 2 pages added to the thread. It's fuckin nuts dudesss!



Yeah Patton is the first thing I thought about when the clip was released lol. Some shots and footage are awesome but other shots and footage are a "let's wait and see what happens" type of moment for me.




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Parker go see it man, I'll buy your ticket dammit!



I tell you what chief, I'll see it and if I like it THAT much, we'll go see it together eh?



I'm gonna see it with a bunch of my buddies. I'll probably see it 3 times.

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i still think, out of respect to Thomas, i shouldn't support this one, even if i wasn't so torn about the project itself.


Appreciate your offer pal, but i'm headed home--Dec 1, i'm going back to Miami; i cannot wait!

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You need to get out as soon as you can--michigan kills people.


Now we better get back on topic: i was on set yesterday, and told someone i was Thomas' double for Hung; he asked who Thomas Jane was (ARRGH!), so i told him he was The Punisher--not the new one, the real one. He actually asked, 'Dolph Lundgren?' i wanted to scream, i really did.


Sure, props to the guy for knowing the character well enough to know Dolph was the first 'version', but seriously.


Some people...

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Funny story.



I personally think each man who has played the Punisher is the Punisher.


Dolph is Frank Castle


Jane is Frank Castle


Stevenson is Frank Castle


Each man has their own portrayal and I respect it no matter what. I'm a Punisher fan in general. I have all of his comics since his first appearance in '74. I deal with whoever plays him and try to find what I like best about what the actor brought to the table.



What were you on set for by the way?



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Well I think Dolph has a greeeeat Punisher look. 6'5 and 240. How can you go wrong?


Don't forget it was an 80's movie. Guys were allowed to look huge and be the worst actors and get away with success. That's how Dolph, Van Damme, Seagal, and Schwarzenegger did it. Great action stars. Terrible actors for the most part.


They fuckin offered LundgrenCaptain America in 1994. Can you imagine?


His body was a big deal though. Ask Bradstreet, he made use of Dolph's training video! ;)


They originally offered the Punisher to Michael Pare before Dolph though. I think he coulda been decent for an 80's action flick. Check him out if you don't know him.






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There's no doubt Dolph looked great, the guys always been a monster size. Plus I hear he's a genius in real life.


I like the God line too. Ray will be the best thing about the movie. I just hope that there are not too many mediocre parts. I'm most looking forward to the brutal hand to hand combat that will happen. I like the bits of the Jigsaw fight I saw so far, pretty brutal.

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In the day, Michael Paré was THE shit.

He's so brutally cold and supercool in Streets Of Fire.

And Eddie And The Cruisers was a blow out low budget sleeper because of his performance.

I don't know how he didn't parlay those opportunities into a more productive career.


Maybe he shouldn't have taken that Houston Knights TV gig with Michael Beck (which of course me and about 10 other people watched).

Both of their careers spiraled downward after. it's been low budge and TV ever since. Still, he's working.

Maybe Walter Hill should have directed all of their films ;)


I'm looking forward to seeing at least a little of Paré in Eric Red's upcoming 100 Feet, with Famke!


- TB

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