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Audio Interview with Tom about Dark Country

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Hey everyone!


I just found a link to MarketSaw 3D site that has a recent audio interview with Tom. I think the interview runs about 18 minutes and he goes into detail about Dark Country and how he filmed it, as well as the plot. Cool interview! :D


Here's the link:





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yeah, this is an extremely cool find. thank you. what would be really funny is if the sound of the movie is in mono.


what's truly fascinating is Thomas's 3-D superpowers. He actually has black space that he can cut into if he so desires.


But as far as articulate matte- its funny listening to Thomas talk about it how he doesn't think it has been done before and wants to be the first. He sounds like some dude up in scotland who just built his own airplane like in 1953 and thinks he's gonna be the first guy to ever fly.


sorry pal. but mad respect nevertheless to Thomas Jane.


Ron Perlman did this movie called 'The City of Lost Children'- one of the coolest movies ever.


and I like how Thomas breaks down his shit- he is very articulate. for a mumbling bastard.



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Good evening forum,

I was able to finally watch Dark Country a few days ago and I loved it!

Too bad the "Depth of Field" podcasts are gone. But this audio interview ( http://marketsaw.blogspot.com/2008/07/excl...homas-jane.html ) seems to still be online. Except I am too dumb to play it. My browser tells me I shall allow an older version of Adobe Flash to run (which I obviously allow) but then nothing happens 😞 Maybe Geoff has an idea?

In the meantime I found a gold mine in the comments under this audio interview: the technical information "directly" from Geoff Boyle (Part 2 is missing though).

https://gboyle.nl/articles/dark country pt1.pdf

https://gboyle.nl/articles/dark country pt3.pdf

https://gboyle.nl/articles/dark country pt4.pdf

Especially Part 4 is very well describing the 540° shot around Thomas when he quits the gas station. As a viewer with near to zero education about film making, I am always amazed how someone can run so much and no vibrations are to be seen on screen. Filming should be recognized as an olympic sport apparently!

The next post I will send is even awesomer: Ray 3D Zone describing this sequence here, directly on the forum.

Put your construction helmets on and be prepared to run with the team !!

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