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Hi everyone, I just signed up for this thing today. I'm kind of new to computers and such(well, forums anyway). I am just wondering what is up next for Tim Bradstreet? I heard he is leaving the punisher behind, which is pretty sad. I also know he will be at comic com next week, and I sooo wish I didn't live so far away(In Canada). I'm also just wondering how often Tom Jane appears on these forums? I think he is awesome, and I was very upset he left the punisher:(. Though I am looking forward to the new one, but I was also hoping for a direct sequel to Jane's. Well, that's it for now. Take it easy everyone, and any info would be appreciated.:D

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Right now I'm between gigs.

I'm in that cursed grey area.

I have been tabbed to production design a pretty big film which was supposed to begin this summer.

It has been delayed over financing issues and right now we're hoping for a September start date.

BUT . . . I cleaned my plate up so I was free to do this thing this summer.

Meaning, now that the film has been pushed back I find that I don't have a ton of work cause I already turned down a bunch of gigs to make room for the film.

I'm still doing Criminal Macabre but just finished the last issue of the current story arc and there are usually 1-3 months between arcs. Right now I'm waiting to see what we're doing next. The only other regular gig I have is doing covers for a series of novels called Rogue Angel, and that's bi-monthly.


So currently I'm finishing up a (very late) issue #6 of Bad Planet, also trying to put the long awaited graphic novel, Clive Barker's Age Of Desire to bed. Probably going to do a Halloween cover for Devil's Due after Comicon, and I also have a cover in the pipeline for Virgin Comics, though I don't know if I can announce what that is yet. So it's actually pretty dry at the moment. Come mid August I'll be scrambling to find work to last me until the movie starts.

I'm not too worried though. This stuff always freaks me out a little but almost without fail, opportunity seems to come my way.


I always feel uncomfortable when I don't know for sure what I'm doing for the next 6 months. What I'm missing right now is the comfort factor of illustrating 1-3 regular monthly cover jobs. With Hellblazer and now Punisher off the map for me I'm haging out on the edge a little more. After the film is done I'd love to find another monthly cover job to fill the gap.


And don't forget to check out Archetype, coming in September.

Thanks - TB


PS - Welcome, justaguy1984!

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Since you don't have a ton of work to do for the time, I'm wondering if you ever got a round to doing that There Will Be Blood picture? Because I still would love to see your rendition of that photo.

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Didn't get a chance to do it.

I had hoped to include it in the art book but as things progressed, most of my energy was focused on editing the book itself, which at 300+ pages was a monumental task.

It'll be in the next one!

Or if I get a moment to do it at some point I'll post it in the hot off the boards thread.


- tb

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