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Some pretty cool news came up. It looks like David Fincher has optioned The Goon to be a CG animated film, I always figured they would have gone the live action route with this one, I don't know where I heard read this but, I vaguely remember hearing that this is something Darabont was thinking about doing, if it was true oh well. Hopefully they don't fuck it up and are able to make just as fun as the comic.


I think Perlman would be perfect to voice the Goon, shit I think he would have been perfect if it was going to be live action.

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This looks so damn good. Can't wait to see this. I knew Giamatti was in this, but no idea they got Clancy Brown. Icing on the cake.


C'mon. Getting Clancey for voicework is easy! He already voices 50% of the world's animation. The other 50%: Phil Lamar.


That being said. I approve of this. I love when CG animators realize the power of 3D is not to either simulate reality or duplicate cel-shading but rather to come up with something that actually exploits the advantages of sculpture. This is pure visual win.

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