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So, last year I had the pleasure of watching this film at a press screening. To my complete and utter dismay, it did not get a wide release.




Its a drama (not a chick flick) about a Mom and her struggle to be a "Parent fit to raise her child." It brings up alotta things that you probably would never give any thought to, specially if you had the luck of being raised by 2 rich or middle class parents. I myself was brought up by a very poor single Mom that did whatever she could to keep me happy as a kid.


That lady did a good job and little did she know that her inability to spend time with me throughout most of my childhood days (she worked 3 jobs) gave me a sense of self reliance I am still yet to encounter here in the U.S. Kids live with their folks until they're 30 here (even if they're not in college) and most of the time are never pressed by Mom and Pop to get a job. I was living alone at 18 and working to support myself ever since. My Mom's ability to survive and provide for me on her own for 18 years was what gave me the confidence to go out into the world with no fear of failing.


Famke, following her success with The X-MEN films has decided to unleash her true skills on small Independent projects that are a delight to watch. Back in 2006, she starred in a fantastic romantic comedy called The Treatment - which like this film was not given a wide release and landed on DVD a year after it was screened at Tribeca. It was in The Treatment that she met Chris Eigeman who she starred oposite to, and who would direct her in this film. The last great Indie Famke appeared in that also went straight to vid was THE TEN. One of the most eccentric and interesting comedies I've seen in years. Liev Schreiber steals the show as a cop who's gone insane in a war with his neighbor on who can buy the most Cat Scan machines. Definetely worth the buy people.


I was happy to see E! give Famke a short televised interview where she got a chance to pump the movie. For a minute there I thought I was gonna get to see this movie again in my local theatre. Apparently it was to make way for the DVD...




This is a REAL movie about REAL people. No fancy dialogue, no stylized lighting, just ordinary people living the life of everyday Americans.


I don't think everyone will enjoy the film, but for those of you that like a little seriousness in a film - pick it up.


Famke's got a whole bunch of interesting films on the way now. Eric Red's horror 100 FEET comes to mind the most, and she also did some supporting roles for Liam Neeson's spy thriller TAKEN and Ben Kingsley's Indie The Wackness.


Its great to see the hottest woman on the planet is [in my opinion] the most interesting actress today.









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yeah, well from Famke i have almost all her movies the ten just ordered on may, and the treatment is a little hard to get, because it is no subtitled, and i `m not so good with the english, but yeah, Turn the river looks so fucking amazing, i want to see 100 feet, did you see the traier? korea? it is so cool, and about thomas Wow he is a wonderful actor, amazing. my mail is escoriahumana@hotmail.com, ok? send me info, if you want.


see you dude.



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