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Comedian/Actor George Carlin passes away.

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At present I don't have the time to write an extended post from the heart. I'll get to that soon enough.

Just wanted to post this very sad news. More information available in the link to The Washington Post -

- Carlin dead at 71 -


We've lost a lot of really incredible people this year. Carlin will be hugely missed.





- tb


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Whatt!!!??? What happened? This one was wayyyyy unexpected. This really i a fucked up year for the greats.

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I loved Carlin,

He was like Don Rickles only with intelligence and style. He could insult you and everything you believed in and have you laughing your ass off at the same time. He was amazingly brilliant and managed to get this far in an industry that very often doesn't see it's brilliant stars get to old age.


He was one of a kind...

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Guest FADoss
Damn it. That just messed up my morning. Now I'll be at work, putting his stand up dvds away in sorrow. He will be missed.




Why the hell would you put them away?! :P



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Definitely the end of an era.

I used to love the Hippy-Dippy Weatherman back in the day. And Carlin's drug fueled rants of the seventies inspired a legion of wanna-be's.

Even after he cleaned-up he never lost that biting edge. He was relevant in his craft through 5 decades. That in and of itself is amazing.

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