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I found this interesting blog post at Deadline Hollywood Daily about a possible reboot of DC Comics before Comic Con and it made some interesting points about the Marvel/DC rivalry that's been going on for years. First of all, I haven't read DC Comics in years so I'm not really up on what's going on with them, but are things that bad over there? Are all of their franchises going downhill or is this just a one-off thing where their biggest franchise is struggling, both creatively and in sales? This makes it sound like Didio is circling the drain and may be on his way out.





Here's another question. Is this still a market that is still largely dominated by Marvel/DC or is it possible that more independents are starting to make a dent in their fanbase? Like I said, I'm not really familiar with all the publishers and who's on top anymore. so I'm just curious if this means there could be a shakeup in the comics word hierarchy, and what that means for RAW. I also just read that William Katt (who played The Greatest American Hero on television in the 80's) is starting his own comics company.





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