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Shock Festival


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Got the set today! Haven't had a chance to really sit through and watch this fucker yet, but I did sample some of the trailers. They're gritty, grimy, offensive, and f'n fantastic. I checked out a few of the original trailers, and I'll be damned, the ones I saw look like honest to god real movies!


My only gripe is at least my booklet has some non amazing printing, kind of blurry, probably just a few of these didn't get great printing. The included poster however is the bee's knees. Overall though, this appears to match the excellent quality of the book, and hopefully this gets some of those sold.

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Here's another lil tidbit from the online word; a glowing review/overview of Shock Festival:


"The brainchild of TIM BRADSTREET, THOMAS JANE, and STEPHEN ROMANO, the group took 2 years in recreating an era of the 70's and 80's that NEVER EXISTED, yet once you begin reading it (complete with theatrical posters, italian lobby cards, prose novel covers, soundtracks, and pics), you'll actually catch yourself thinking 'these events ACTUALLY took place'!"






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Guest AdminGuyX

It's a really fun read. Having worked in the dregs of no budget and low budget films, it's a hoot. The characters you run into, the book is so dead on in so many ways.

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