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Criminal Macabre

Tim Bradstreet

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That sucks. Doesn't really sound like they know what they're doing over there. :huh:


Criminal Macabre just became less appealing to me; it won't be the same without the Bradstreet Touch. :(



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It really sucks 'cause I just found the one comic store in town (talk about hidden away!!). I bought the only CM they had in stock and was hoping for more.


All I can say, Tim, is you're dealing w/ a corporation that is after $$. NOT an audience, but $$ and $$ only. As such, the corporate product must offend the least amount of people to be profitable. Be glad! If you stayed on, you eventually would have been forced to compromise your standards and churn out corporate pablum!


Stay Gold, Ponyboy. Stay Gold.






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Disappointing to me too, but all good things . . .


Cal was fun but there are many other things to kick my feet into.

In fact, I'm jumping into a major horror project for Comics as a regular cover guy on a soon to be announced title.

And that's going to be a real treat.


Also, it was finally officially announced that I'll be working with Garth Ennis again on a book called Jennifer Blood.

Doing covers for that has been sweet so far. Will be giving some looks at that in the hot off the boards thread this weekend sometime.


Lots of cool shit coming up that I'm very excited about. I'll miss Cal McDonald cause that's a title that really spoke to me in terms of the character and content.

But this stuff does too ;)


More to come in their own threads.


- TB


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