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Released Movies!!!!!!!! in Mexico!


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well, i just start this because is an agony waiting the tom movies here in Mexico.

the last movie released here was The mist or Sobrenatural, (the mexican name), and i have to get order the tripper, and the punisher extended edition, stander, and many movies more, because here in mex, THEY ARE NOT RELEASED!!!!!!


THOMAS JANE has came (i think) 3 times to shot some o his movies.


deep blue sea


Original sin ( with one of my favorite actress, the another one is Famke Janssen, )


and the premiere of The Punisher.


i wish that Him come back, maybe for shoting or promoting.


i admire this amazing actor.


sorry if my english is bad.


distributor: more Movies please (Famke`s and Thomas)


Luis From Mexico.



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At least The Mist was released where you are. :) That's Tom's most recent film to hit the theaters. Otherwise, you're waiting like the rest of us for Dark Country, Mutant Chronicles, and Killshot...


Hopefully you can order/get those other films you mentioned. Tom is amazing in Stander. Some of his best work.




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