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Artist's Sketch-Fest!


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What a crappy day! When i was a kid and I'd had a day like today, I'd sit down and draw my frustrations right the hell out of me. Usually ended up being a picture of Thor or Hulk smashing the Gym Teacher.


As an adult...hey! This still kinda works! I feel much better after this...


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I like it, very "clone warish" in a warehouse laborer sort of way. Something you guys could use to help you with the warehouse move there!

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hehehe, thank you, the miracle of art therapy, i felt much better after working on it. :P

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Ooh, nice! I love the posture, curves, colors, and attitude.


I just saw your Deborah Kerr upthread as well - pretty!


Damn. You're good. ;)


Thank you for the kind words jayesse, the Deborah Kerr was a pure labor of love. She is one of my favorite actresses of all time.

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