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The Punisher

Tim Bradstreet

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On behalf of the RAW world and Punisher fans worldwide I want to thank Adam for the years of dedication.

Also and including the hard work done on behalf of the 2004 film!


We wish you the best of luck my friend.


Cheers - Tim

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Adam Gilbert is offline now too?!!

Christ, 2009 really WAS a shit year.


I have been just too busy with work in the last couple of years to give Punisher-Art.com what it needed.


When I noticed that I had passed the first anniversary of my "most recent update", and i received the invoice for the next year of hosting, well I figured it was time to fold.


I still collect any art I find online and my "unlinked for upload later" folder is over 3 GB.


If work slows down and I get to the point where I can dedicate a couple of hours here and there I may get the bug again, but not now. This week I had over 40 hours of meetings scheduled and that was before I even started my normal tasks. Too much for a regular day job!

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Good to see you're still around, Gilbert. You and Johnson are the best of us. I'll gladly bow down to that level of generosity and dedication. That being said, the two of you need anything, anything... dont hesitate to ask. Except for high priced call girls, cause I dont share.




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Has anyone seen the preview for Ultimate Avengers 2 #1?



While the regular MU Punisher is now "FrankenCastle" (Lord, help Marvel) it looks like the Ultimate universe is getting it right. Only way to make this even better is to let a certain someone around here a crack at the cover...

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Curiosity made me buy the comic book adaptation of the 1989 Punisher film when I saw it a couple of days ago. It comes off a little better in comic book form (the dialogue in particular) and he at least gets to wear the skull in the final battle.

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Just a quick note -

I'll be back working covers on The Punisher for a couple upcoming one-shots.

Will try to get more details soon.


First cover will be for The Punisher: Hot Rods Of Death

The second one-shot cover is for a gnarly little tale called, The Punisher: Tiny, Ugly, World


I say "I'll be back" but the truth is that both covers are already done.

My verdict? Two of the best illustrations I've ever done. No shit.



- TB

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