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Ebert's reviews are very good for a read. For example, his Taxi driver review is pretty good ;). As for the humor in War Zone, I thought most it was for laughs, which is one of the things that pissed me off about it.


I don't think I was meant to laugh at Castle's exchange with the priest.

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I have to see this. How could you not? admit it, even if its a car accident, you have to look. What i will do is use the free passes i have.


By almost all accounts a car accident, but somehow I am not moved in any way (even ghoulishly so) to go out and see it.

Maybe if JP were here and had an extra pass. That might even be fun. But left alone with my 10 bucks I can't see supporting this movie which I already know will leave me disappointed. For me, supporting this is like saying it's OK that this film is crud - Hollywood, please give us more crud. I don't want to see crud so I'm going to skip it.


I hope the ones that want to enjoy this film DO enjoy it. But I'll be over here holding out for something else.

I was excited The Spirit was being made, but now that I have more than a good idea of what's in store I cannot jump on board. Won't.


Want to support a movie that's really worth a watch? Go buy or rent Traitor with Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce.


- TB

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Bless you Jimmy P ;)


I don't know who this guy is, but I found the review to be amusing.




This is the infamous review that spurred hundreds of verbal attacks lobbed back at the reviewer, courtesy of the lovely populace of AICN's talkback.

Had they spent a little more time reading between the lines of his long winded review and a little less time attacking the reviewer for waxing on and on (and on), they might have figured out that even a supposed "moron reviewer" wasn't deceived by the marketing blitz for The Spirit, nor by the name of it's almighty director.


The reviewer claims that Frank Miller's (not Will Eisner's) The Spirit has supplanted Battlefield Earth as the worst movie of all time, at least in his mind.

Obviously this is entirely subjective. But to even mention The Spirit in the same breath with Battlefield Earth cannot but suggest a pretty massive failure.


The Spirit limped across the Holiday box office finish line in 9th place with 6.5 mil. And that's behind even several films which had premiered the week before or earlier.

Word of mouth isn't helping either.


@ justaguy1984 - MBV 3D may be the first film Lionsgate has developed that will actually be good in spite of the studio's 'developers'. Put your faith in the director, Patrick Lussier.

And read some of those reviews from Buttnumbathon! The audience speaks, and MBV 3D is crazy good! Go see it.


- TB

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MBV 3D may be the first film Lionsgate has developed that will actually be good in spite of the studio's 'developers'. Put your faith in the director, Patrick Lussier.

And read some of those reviews from Buttnumbathon! The audience speaks, and MBV 3D is crazy good! Go see it.


- TB


I wouldn't be surprised if Lionsgate found a way to cock it up.


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Tom Atkins' very presence means that this film is impervious to LGF producer evil.

And if that wasn't enough, Farmer came prepared with his newly perfected "Don't fuck with us" stare ;)


But you've every right to be wary, track records speak for themselves.

Still, I'll go out on a limb and predict Mike V gives this a thumbs up in spite of the odds.



- TB



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I keep meaning to weigh in here about THE SPIRIT. Despite the RAW boycott of the film, I had to see this train wreck. I even had a few friends tell me that it was good. I did however manage to see it without paying for it.


Then the real challenge began. There were technical difficulties and the movie didn't start for 20 minutes. I sat there debating in my head whether to sit and wait for this travesty or to just go home and stare at the wall instead. I waited.


This movie is a disaster. It is artificial and completely unrewarding in every way. A few actors escape unscathed, but the rest are beyond terrible.


During this film, I wished for the return of the time in cinema before Tarantino showcased Sam Jackson in PULP FICTION. Sam is a very talented actor and has done some amazing work in his career, but this is rock bottom. There are scenes in this movie that he should not only be embarrassed by, but should also apologize for. It's astoundingly bad. Excruciating to sit through. I can't believe that with all of the producers on this film, someone didn't step in and insist that some of these scenes either be re-cut, re-shot, or removed entirely.


Sadly, I don't know much about THE SPIRIT, so I don't know if the origin in the movie is true to the comics, but both it and Spirit's relationship with the Octopus seemed pretty uninspired.


Watching Louis Lombardi in multiple thug roles was like fingernails on a chalkboard. I've never enjoyed his work, not even on THE SOPRANOS, but it's really hard to watch here.


There are some really cool visuals here at times and some fun moments, but that's about it.


This movie is so much worse than I was expecting. It's barely watchable. I was squirming in my seat as it dragged on, begging for it to be over. I'm just not someone who walks out of a movie. The last time I felt this way was watching THE SHADOW. I did walk out of that movie to get popcorn because I was so bored. And it really plays like a spoof. Like a joke by Frank Miller. I bet he was laughing all the way to the bank the same way he did when he got paid for THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN.


Bottom line: Sam Jackson should go to movie jail for at least a year, unless he gets offered something by a solid director who won't let him get away with his bullshit. And Frank Miller should not be allowed to direct another film until he apologized for this one and admits that it was a great big con on the comic book audience. Give him his token co-director title and let him watch Rodriquez make some more SIN CITY films, but don't trust him with his own movie.


And for those of you who asked whether or not this would be worse than PWZ... It is. They're both terrible, so it's hard to compare, but PWZ if you have to choose, PWZ has much more to offer than this disaster.

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