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Orhan Works Bill...heard of it?


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I am attaching an article about the Orphan works bill, according to some this is the worst thing in the history of man that could happen to creative folks.


To be honest with you, I have just heard of this and started to research it. It seems like it is legalization of theft! Here is the article that I read from a different blog of comic creators. Primarly UK creators who have the same bill in disscusion in the UK.


It's long and emotional, but if you get the time I'd like to know the opinions of the working professionals out there? It sounds like somebody is going to make a ton of cash off of a POSSIBLE requirement to register works that are already copywritten?



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An Orphaned Work is any creative work of art where the artist or copyright owner has released their copyright, whether on purpose, by passage of time, or by lack of proper registration. In the same way that an orphaned child loses the protection of his or her parents, your creative work can become an orphan for others to use without your permission.


You will lose the rights to your photos as well. If I am not mistaken, you would have to pay to register your photos, every single one in order to protect them. I take a lot of photos per year. Let's say if the registry charges $5.00-$10.00 per photo, do I need to say any more on the dollars you would have to spend? Under the current laws, your photos are automatically protected. Not to mention that you would have to place your own copyright on every photo.


Imagine all the photos on sites like Flickr, Snapfish, etc...huge op for unauthorized usage...legally. Which means I would have to go through each and every registry, grant or deny permission to the photos...shit, if someone else registers my photos I could illegally be using my own photos if someone else registers it.


Get worried my friends; get very worried about this.


Here is the petition about it:


Orphan Works


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Here is some info from the SAA (stock artist alliance) site about the orphan works bill.


Good reading.



The SAA seems to have a ton of info on this subject. Smart reading without a lot of the emotional content I'm finding on other sites, very, very informative

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The current Orphan works bill appears to be nothing more than URBAN LEGEND. The following paragraph was taken from another site and posted there by a comic artist out of Wisconsin.


"I just looked at that petition and the claim of "That proposal is now

being fast-tracked in Washington with a good chance of passage before

the end of this Session." is false. No proposal is currently on the

table. The last proposed Orphan Works Bill (H.R. 5439) expired when

the House session closed that year in 2006."



I'm thinkin' "Just a bunch-O-crap", at this point, but with folks like Bill Gates backing it....it'll show up again.

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