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Now here's a movie I'm really lookin forward to...


The Fountain was an amazing film and its pre-cursor Requiem for a Dream needs no introduction.


But to hear that Mickey Rourke has shot a film that carries Aronofsky's signature is really a reminder for me of how the man has truly reclaimed his throne in cinema.


I saw this shot of Rourke in the ring and the anticipation began to build...




Rourke's live wrestling approach (actual matches) in his role as Randy "The Ram" Robinson sold out day after day all last month during the New Jersey shoot.


The rehearsals became real matches and the audience was completely unaware of that.


I tried to get my ass to Jersey, but the money just wasn't there.


If you head on over to Youtube there's a ton of clips from Rourke's matches. Darren's front and center in the ring next to Rourke most of the time.


Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood co-star.


Darren's back and his new Quarterback is one big, bad motherfucker.







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Mickey deserves every accolade he has received about this film! Everybody is talking about his performance. I pray he gets an Oscar nod for this one.


Mickey Rourke film wins top prize in Venice

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I had to laugh at this bit from the article in question -


"Aronofosky directed the critical favorites "Pi" and "Requiem for a Dream" but stumbled with the 2006 commercial misfire "The Fountain."


Anyone that knew what this film was and had half a brain in their head prior to release had to know there wasn't a chance in Hell that The Fountain would be a commercial hit. It's an art film with high profile actors, a personal project and a brilliant one at that. But no way it was going to find a huge audience, especially with the way it was dumped into theaters with hardly any real advertising or promotion, then pulled so fast that if you blinked you missed your shot at seeing it on a large screen.


I'm dying to see The Wrestler, as a fan of Aronofsky (love that his name is misspelled in the quote, nice).

Also dying to see the Mick back in true form. This film almost sounds like an autobiography.

It's like the role was tailor made for Rourke, and maybe it was.


- TB

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The Gods of Cinema have answered my prayers and provided one my favorite actors a chance at redemption.


After 20 years, Mickey Rourke is once again going for the gold...




For me to hear the critical acclaim Mickey is receiving from his performance in this film, is kinda like being able to breathe easier.


Many years I've been spreading the word of Mickey Rourke, only to hear people respond to me with "Who?" "What?" and "No."


I first saw the guy in a boxing match back in 1999.


I had no idea he could act, but my Mom made sure to fill me in on that.


The year after I saw Get Carter (purely for Stallone) but came out wanting more of "That Mickey Rourke Guy".


What a wonderful surprise it was, to find a collection of 80s films about a guy as charming as James Dean and as eccentric as Marlon Brando.


A sort of anomoly in 80s cinema.


No one could compete with him on the screen. Not William Hurt, not DeNiro, not Hoskins, not Hopkins, not anyone.


There was a subtle grin on my face when I was watching Sin City and Mickey's segment had ended.


The audience went from cheers and laughs during Mickey's part to quiet boredom during Owen and Willis' segments.


The day I decided to pursue acting (much like my decision to box throughout high school) had alot to do with Mickey Rourke.


I was hanging out with my buddy Eddie LaPlant and he says to me "Hey you wanna help me do this thing for school? This short film I need to shoot?"


Eddie was doing a 20 minute homage to Coppola's The Outsiders and he wanted me to play Derek.


I agreed cause he told me tight black tees and boot cut jeans were definitely the way to go.


When Eddie got graded for the project, his teacher says to him ---> "That greaser you got to play Derek...The kid talks like Christopher Walken and acts just like Mickey Rourke."


Eddie passed on his comment to me and here I am trying to shoot a $30,000 Indie film in Oregon.


It all goes back to Mickey.


This year began with a great tragedy, in the sad and unfair form of Heath Ledger's death.


I'm happy [to be able] to say, 2008 seems to be closing in a great way.


In the joyous and long awaited celebration of Mickey Rourke's abilities as an actor with his role in The Wrestler.


Mickey doesn't have to win for his victory to be complete.


Recognition is a far greater thing than a golden statue that people like Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker somehow got their hands on.


In my heart, Mickey already won.





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This honestly looks freaking great. I've always been a Rouke fan, (despite 9 1/2 weeks)and he was the saving grace in SIN CITY. for whatever reason, when I see images of THE WRESTLER or read articles about it, Anthony Quinn's REQUIEM for a HEAVYWEIGHT comes to mind. I really think this movie can be in that class.

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Mickey is gonna get his Nomination in January.


Whoever is in charge of distributing KILLSHOT needs to release it before Mickey wins or loses.


They might move it to January so it can be advertised "ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE MICKEY ROURKE IN KILLSHOT".


Thank God for Mickey's acting abilities, He basically saved KILLSHOT.


With Heath in the picture, I don't see Mickey winning.



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Guest FADoss
Heath was the Lead character.


Its gotta be a Best Actor nod.


*Think Silence of The Lambs.


Its gonna be:


-Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)


-Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler)


-Hugh Jackman (Australia)








I'm not going to get into it with you on this... Silence of the Lambs is about Hannibal. Batman is about Batman.


Think Javier Bardem in "No Country for Old Men".




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Silence of The Lambs is about Hannibal???


Dude, the man was in the movie for less than 30 minutes!


Thomas Harris' book was about Buffalo Bill and Clarice Starling's cherry-popping quest to catch him.


*Watch it again.


As for No Country For Old Men, the main man was Josh Brolin.


The story revolves around him. He was the central character.


Bardem shows up as a reaction to him = Supporting Role.


The Joker IS The Dark Knight (movie).


He channels the film aka LEADS the film.


To make things more interesting, he has more dialogue and screentime than Batman does in the entire film.


The story revolves around The Joker, it opens with him and ends with the chaos he produced.


Noeland said it best when he suggested the film be called "The Joker Takes Gotham".



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