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Depth Of Field - Beta Test - LIVE - Tonight!

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We're going on air live tonight (Sunday, March 30) sometime around 9:30PM PST.

Check the link and listen live - also feel free to join our chat room.


Talkshoe - Depth Of Field - http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/16784


The link states that the show begins at 9:30 Eastern time but do not be fooled.

The show begins somewhere around 9:30 Pacific time zone


We're beta testing a live show format that would be somewhat interactive with the fans.

Just follow the instructions to join or listen to the broadcast, it's pretty simple.


Sorry for the short notice, we weren't even going to let folks know, we were simply going to test the format tonight.

However, if you get a chance and want to check us out please hit the above link.


Hope to see you tonight.


- Tim

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Thanks man, you can listen to it still if you want but I thought the episode was a little uneven.

Just mainly sitting around BSing to try the livecast out.

The sound is ass compared to our normal setup.

We hope to work out some kinks and do it once a month.

I'll keep everyone posted.


- TB

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Will this be reincarnated as podcast #10? Or will these be informal get togethers once a month in addition to your more structured podcasts?

It was nice to be able to ask a question and listen to an answer right then. But you're right about the sound quality. Not so good.

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