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A new web comic I created called The Porch

Bruce Brown

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Does it keep you up at night wondering if the Hulk's poop is green. Is the Human Torch's on fire? If you have ever wondered this or had other strange thoughts about comics; then this may be the web comic for you. Welcome to The Porch where four guys tackle questions that have been plaguing fan boys for decades!


Feel free to take a look!





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Good advice that I took Noel on the next arc!


PS: James is a mentally ill 21 yr old who is real



The days go by one by one.

I called my boss sobbing.

I just couldn't do it anymore. I was driving an average

of 250 plus miles a day and

James was calling me all day asking me

when I would be home.

Could I call this girl or that one?

could I find him a girlfriend and bring her home?

Yea, like I can just go pick one up at the store.

Wouldn't life be grand if "mom" could do that for ya.

But no, I couldn't do it. I could not find a girl

to accept him, to love him, to belong to only him.

Thus his lonliness.....goes on.


My nerves were in an unstable condition, my heart

heavy, my spirit damn near broken.

After coming home to the house full of smoke

several times from James putting something on the stove and

forgetting about it, the constant worry of what he was

doing when I was out of town, i decided to quit my job

and find something part time.

I surrendered, my ambition went to sleep....it knew

it could not win against James.




partners in crime

both doing time

you're trapped in my world

I'm trapped in yours

neither one of us

really living.

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