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Batman Vs Wolverine


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The road sign marking the city limits of Gotham stands alone. As far as the city has stretched over recent year, it hasn’t reached the limit of its growth. It grows to this day, like a cancer on the landscape it spreads and like a cancer it carries infection, death. Sprayed across the sign in large black letters are the words “SAVE YOURSELF, LEAVE NOW!”


In the shadow of the sign a motorcycle sits, idling. Its rider has dismounted and is kneeling studying the ground. He looks toward the sign, the cigar in his mouth glows red as he takes in a lungful. He’s dressed like the Marlborough man, checked red shirt, sleeves rolled up to his biceps. Tatty jeans and a heavy pair of boots. On his head a ratty old cowboy hat.


He loves this part of it more than anything else, the chase, the hunt. Over recent years it had gotten away from him, with all that was going on in the world things had gotten a bit complicated. Alien worlds, mass extermination… the big picture. He never liked the big picture, never liked thinking further than his eyes could see, his nose could smell, his ears could hear. The big picture had consequences and consequences complicate things.


Still kneeling, his eyes fixed on a faint tire track in the dirt.


“Why’d you come here Johnas?” he asks himself


He climbs back onto his bike, revs the engine and heads for the city.


“You know you’re not safe, I’ll find you, you’ll pay, wherever you run”


As he drives down the freeway the street lights pass overhead casting shadow then light, shadow and light. He passes a parked police patrol car doing 60 mph, 10mph over the limit. The cruiser lights come on and the officer guns the engine and takes off after the motorcycle.


“Oh great” the Wolverine growls looking over his shoulder Slowing the bike he pulls to the side of the road.


The patrol car has pulls up beside him. The officer steps out his hand on his holstered pistol.


“Cut the engine and place your hands on the handlebars!” he orders as he advances toward the cowboy.


Wolverine complies and as the officer approaches he speaks, he’s obviously in no mood to be delayed.


“I couldn’t have been doing more than 60, you gonna arrest me for that?”


The officer points as he talks, taking a strong position on the matter. “If you break the law in Gotham City, you’ll have to answer for it”


Leaning back on his seat Wolverine cracks a sly smile; he knows who the law is in Gotham.


“So I’ve heard, and I’ve heard it ain’t you guys.”


The Officer looks unimpressed as he holds the door to the cruiser open with one hand and holsters his gun.


“Just get in the car…”



Meanwhile in Gotham….


High on the rooftop he crouches, reducing his wind resistance and his chances of being spotted. The wind blows ferociously and tears at his cape like a wild animal, trying to drag him down to the street. He clasps his hand to his ear.


The police signal comes crisp and clear through the $20,000.00 dollar micro receiver; he loves this side of it more than anything else, the waiting, the surveillance, the detective work. It’s gotten away from him in the past few years, all his careful planning and execution of the past put aside for a direct/brutal approach. As the criminals became more brash/ more direct he relied less on his traditional finesse and more on his fists.


Here he sits 27 years after he started his crusade; he’s the dark King of Gotham. Those that perpetrated evil on the innocent have been dealt with. Arkhams new security protocols have meant that the facility has been without escape for 4 years. With crime down he has less work, but he does not regret his efficiency, he welcomes his chance to rest. He watches the news and feels glad his city is clean.


The receiver crackles to life directing the audio directly to the implant in his inner ear.


“This is and APB, for urgent attention” The operator barks down the line. “Reports of Johnas Penderyn, has been making his way to or beyond Gotham are confirmed. CCTV footage of the Highway 17 truck stop confirms he entered the city limits 7 hours ago… he is considered armed and incredibly dangerous, approach with caution… and with back up”


The detective rubs his hands together “Ok” he says to himself “ maybe sometimes I miss it” a wry smile crosses his face. “This could be an interesting night”


He stands and jogs to the edge of his current vantage point, down below he see’s a police car making its way to the station. In the car the officers radios his arrest ahead. Batman stops in his tracks, and watches the car.


The receiver crackles to life again.


“This is car 19, I’m bringing in a “James Howlett”, as requested by Gordon. Got him on a speeding offence.”


“A very interesting night” Batman says his smile widening to a full blown grin.



Gotham PD Headquarters


Wolverine steps to the front desk, hands cuffed behind his back he sneers as the officer ushers him to the front of the line.


“I’ve got him here, James Howlett”


Another officer walks up and takes over the shoving duties.


“I’ve been told to put him in cell 7g, and leave him sweat for a while” the desk sergeant says smugly.


“Move it pip squeak” the officer says ushering Wolverine to the rear of the building


“Watch who you’re callin pip squeak, checker head. Last fella who tried that ended up a whole head shorter”


As Wolverine disappears through some double doors the arresting officer looks to the desk sergeant.


“Any idea why the chief wanted him picked up.”


“You know Gordon, Bats tells him to pick up this drifter coming into town.. Gordon jumps to it” he answers.


Passing through another set of doors Wolverine and the officer enter a long and gloomy corridor. Lights few and far between and murky shadows cling to the corners.


“I like what you’ve done with the place” Wolverine jokes, “though a couple more lights wouldn’t go amiss. Anyone’d think you were hiding some kinda monster down here.” He sniffs the air.


“Just get in the cell….” The escort says, slamming the door tight behind him “Pip squeak”. With that he walks off, laughing all the way down the corridor.


“Oh I’ve got your number... I’ll see you soon enough” Wolverine says to himself he then turns to the dark cell. “Well! Are you gonna show yourself or you just gonna keep skulking in the shadows?”


Out of the dark of the furthest corner the imposing form of Batman steps.


“I’ve read you’re profile, I know all about you.” He steps to within inches of the stout Canadian. Almost 1ft taller than Wolverine he stares down into his eyes. “But I really expected you to be taller”


“I get that a lot…” Wolverine answers. “Normally from a mouth full of broken teeth.”


Batman turns from Wolverine. He smiles to himself. As quick as a flash he spins hammering a solid fist into Wolverines gut. The speed surprises even Wolverine and the wind get’s knocked out of him. The Batman then slams his knee into the prone jaw of ol’ cannuckle head and sends him crashing to the floor.


Hitting the ground hard Wolverine recovers in an instant. Rolling to the right he’s up on his feet in no time, hands still cuffed but ready to rumble.


“Hittin a cxuffed man is pretty low” he says spitting some blood to the floor “Aren’t you meant to be one of the good guys”


“I get that a lot” Batman replies “Normally from a mouth full of broken teeth. He smiles showing his teeth; he knows an animal like Wolverine will know what it means. He is snarling.


“I’m going to give you one chance little man, once chance to leave and get out of my way” He once again closes the gap, well within striking range of Wolverine. Wolverine doesn’t back away, doesn’t flinch. His own snarl crossing his lips.


“And if I decide to stay? You know they can’t hold me and even if they had something that would stick…. It’s not like I didn’t bring my lock picking set.” Behind his back Wolverine slowly unsheathes and sheathes his claws.


Batman is still in Wolverines face as he issues his final marching orders “You don’t scare me, you’re nothing more than a thug, you have deluded yourself with the idea of honour… but to me you’re a murderer. Taking a life is easy, it’s not taking a life is the hard part. Bottom line runt… if I see you again I won’t try so hard when it comes to not taking yours.”


Batman steps back into the shadows. From there he speaks “I’ll have the commissioner let you go and you’d better be out of my city by noon” and then he is gone.


“That’s not a bad trick” Wolverine says to himself. Popping his claws and then re-sheathing them “Now I’ve got your scent I’ll see you coming, let’s see how tough you are when the cuffs are off.


Back on the Streets


Stepping out of the police stations main entrance Wolverine rubs his wrists. He breathes deep.


“Damn city smells like a sewer” He grumbles, Taking a cigar out of his breast pocket he breathes in again, sharply though his nose.


High above watching Batman ponders his next move. Allow Wolverine to do the hard work and track down Johnas. Taking them both down might be tricky. The alternative… kick the nasty little runt out of his city.


Down on the street Wolverine looks left and right, sniffing the entire time, looking to the left he affords himself a sly look to the rooftop, the look goes unseen by Batman.


“Looks like I got myself a chaperone to the city limits... or maybe he thinks he’s set his blood hound loose.” He lights his cigar and strides to the right, into the city.


“Cocky runt” Batman says through a slight smile.


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My vote...The Batman wins. He has spent his life washing the Gotham streets clean of runts with knives. Course, I'm an old guy, it just figures I'd vote for the other old guy. I'm betting this would be split. Most old timers would tend towards the Batman, while the younger folks would tend to side with the Mutant.

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I agree that The Bat would have the upper hand. I love both characters actually as I'm sure most others do as well. But, if asked who would win between the two, Batman is a detective, he uses not only his physical skills, but his amazing intellect. He's taken on Superman before and even The Hulk, with proper use of knowledge. So, I'm sure that would be the case again. But, to be quite honest, these two guys in the end, will link up towards a common goal, where despite any differences would make one helluva team to resolve the issue confronted. Wits and brawn blended together.

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See I'm abats fan too and I thinkhe's the only person (besides the ridiculous peeps like superman) who come close andmaybe even beat Wolverine.


I've got a little scen on my computer inwork where the ever thinking and planning Bats has wolverine trapped to a massive electro magnet..gameover right? No so, Wolvie's been in combat for over 100 years so has a trick or two up his sleave....in this isntance it's be a smallexplosive charge that(when he call to Emma Frost psychicly) can be set off freeing him andstunning Batman.


I love the two. They're both slightly psycotic and I like that :-). In my story one would have to win and take the villain down his own way, perhaps wolvie get him and kills himor Bats brings him to justice...the other will acknowledge the defeat, not be bitter and be all the more ready next time :-) BAtman wouldn't work with a murderer (which wolverine could be classified) so I'd wanna steer clear (though Marvel and DC wouldn't let their guy lose so it'd never happen :-)

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As promised Irish heres Wolverine matching the Bats for planning and cunning :-)




As Wolverine struggles Batman allows himself a moment to brag.


“Struggle all you want, that electromagnet is the strongest in the world, one of a kind”


“Ughh” Wolverine is fighting tooth and nail to free himself. “One of a kind? Well I knew a boy scout like you would be ready for me… just didn’t know what you’d have planned”


Batman smiles “Coming from someone with your experience and background I’ll take that as a compliment”


Wolverine Stares at Batman, in his head a conversation is going on.


“Emma, patch me through to Summers” He thinks.


Cut to Emma in the staff room of the Xavier Mansion.


“He’s right here” is her mental reply “Tell me and I’ll pass the message on”


“I haven’t got time for this Frost!” he sends


“Well you better hurry and tell me” She replies


“Just tell him to do it… he can fill you in.”


Cut to Emma, she looks disappointed her game is over. “Scott, I’ve got a message from Logan…. He says “do it””


Scott Summers pulls a small handle from his jacket pocket, on the top is a red button. Summers pushes the button. BEEP!


Still fighting Wolverine manages to smile himself “Knowing my background you should’a figured on this.” A small beep is all the notice Batman gets. A small beep and then bedlam. A small explosive charge at the back of wolverine explodes, the effects are two fold the blast destroying the electromagnet pinning Wolverine in place and knocking Batman off his feet.


Lying on the floor Batman looks at Logan, standing in the ruins of the electromagnet with half of his adamantium skull visible. His left shoulder nothing but bone he looks like he’s been through a meat grinder.


“Are you done?” Wolverine asks his flesh regenerating the whole time. “Or have you got another “one of a kind” electro magnet hidden away somewhere?”


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Wolvie would gut him, but bats would get the last laugh by running him over with the batmobile. :D


yeah... what he said, lol in a straight out battle... Wolverine would win, but Batman is smarter than that...

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batman would winn. he has BALLS.

He has no limits







PS:Watch Dark Knight

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Í thought for a while and came to conclusion that they can't fight again each other.

Batman is a DC character. Wolverine is a Marvel character.

You see it it is impossible.


They not even exist in the same universe.

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Oh and let's not forget that neither person actually exists! :P


If only you'd taken a little longer you'd have broken the fourth wall and realised in a world where a man has a metal skeleton and another fights crime dressed as a bad.... it may be possible for their universes (for a 1 off special event) to merge and for them to fight. :) Suspend you're beleive fella... it's a lot more fun on this side :)


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