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Depth Of Field - Podcast #8

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Please surf on over to the RAW Studio's Media Section and download our latest Podcast - Episode #8.

This week we talk in depth with the man who modeled for The Punisher on over 100 of my covers, Tom O'Brien.


The idea of having Tom on the show was suggested here on the forums recently and I was actually shocked I hadn't thought of it before.

Since my tenure on Punisher covers is about to come to a close I thought the timing was perfect to get him on here to share his thoughts about portraying this enigmatic character before we're done! And it's very interesting, especially to myself to hear his viewpoint, a lot of which we have never actually talked about.

Please join us for this very special interview. We hope you enjoy, and comments are WELCOME.


Download Episode #8 directly from this link - http://www.rawstudios.com/podcast.html

(if the episode does not appear you may want to refresh your browser)


- TB


PS - Next up is Episode #9 and our exclusive interview with Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman - On the subject of Dark Country, 3D, and Film Noir.

Dontchewdare miss it!

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Just so it's covered here -

There was an incomplete upload for this episode posted originally.

The podcast was cut short at the 27 minute (or so) mark.

The problem has been rectified and all should be smooth sailing.

Thanks to our wonderful board for pointing it out.


Thanks - TB




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Tom sounds like a really cool guy. Hope to see his mug gracing a cover soon. I too, would love to see that meat slicer cover. Sounds too cool. You'd think that on a MAX title you could get away with that. I've seen worse. I suppose it's bound to happen with a giant publisher like Marvel. Kind of like not having guns in the Indy 4 trailer.

I was laughing so hard when you told the story about getting the guy to model for Wolverine. Good stuff. Also, Tom's story about the old girlfriend, I have close friend who was in a similar position. Of course this guy ened up doing this to girls for his own "private" colection. These behind the scenes stories are what keeps me coming back. Great show guys.

Can't wait for the next one!

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Hey guys, when are you going to update the RAW webpage????


We all love The Last Starfighter. Glad to hear there may be a new one in the works.


And here's hoping Tom O'Brien finds a new modelling gig that actually PAYS him. :mellow:

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Hey guys, when did you update the RAW webpage?



I just went over there for the first time in a while (since it was staying pretty static) and the main page was magically updated! Well, maybe not magically. I'm guessing somebody worked on it. Looks nice.

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