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LA Wizard World

Tim Bradstreet

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Just returned from the Wizard World LA show.

Good times, and wanted to thank all the fans who stopped by to get books signed, chat about comics, and illustration in general.

Did some sketches, hung out with old pals, it was fun.

Spent the weekend with Steve Niles and his other half, Sarah Wilkinson and enjoyed their hospitality GREATLY.

It's always fun to hang out at Steve's and admire his art collection ;)


Also would like to thank Gareb Shamus for being such a great host, and Mike Scigliano for hooking us up with tables!

Got to have a nice chat with Aaron Douglas (The Chief - From the new Battlestar Galactica), supercool guy.

My pal Mark Walters brought him by my table. It was fun to just yap with the guy without the pressure of being a drooling fanboy.

I'm such a fan of the show so it was a real kick for me.


Sunday evening I packed off down the road and stopped off in the Hollywood Hills to hang out with an old friend, Original "Splatter-Punk" author, David J. Schow.

We got together to discuss "INTERNECINE", David's incredible action thriller novel that I'm set to illustrate in limited edition book form.

I'll shed light on details as the release of the edition approaches. David is a regular contributer to Tim Lucas' "Video Watchdog", Fangoria, etc . . .

He also wrote one of my favorite episodes of "Masters Of Horror" - "Pick Me Up", from Season 1. Most of you will know his work in the form of 1994's "The Crow".

David wrote the screenplay. David's parties are LEGENDARY, and one of the best parts of seeing Dave and visiting him in his crib is witnessing the spectacle of what can only be called - The Creature From The Black Lagoon Museum. His house is literally COVERED from stem to stern with Creature memorabilia. The main attractions are the life size replica of the creature itself (WOW), and the vintage CFTBL Pinball Machine. It's really unbelievable.

Anyway, want to thank David for his great hospitality. Great to see ya pal.


- TB

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Hey Tim-

i just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to speak with me about my portfolio. You had some very encouraging words and I appreciate that. Your work is a true inspiration and I am glad you shared it with the people of Wizard World. I look forward to seeing more of your work translated to film soon too.

All the best,



www. dougsirois. com


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