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Question about Iron maiden Cover


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Hello all, that's my first post here!


Mr. Tim Bradstreet, I am a miniature collector and painter, and I intend to make an Warhammer 40k army(of 28mm scale miniatures) inspired in your illustration for the Iron Maiden's album "A Matter of Life and Death". There are plenty of miniatures to represent the WWII soldiers, and replace the heads with skeleton ones is easy. I can even sculpt a "Eddie" head to put in the tank commander.

But my great problem, is the tank itself. After a long (and fruitless) search, I couldn't identify the tank used in the illustration. :unsure:

So that's my last hope... I found your forum in the net and came here to ask for your help.

Please, what model of tank you based on to draw the cover? Doesn't look like an WWII tank to me, but I might be mistaken.


Sorry for the strange question, is just that I want to use a miniature of the same tank to go with the miniatures, to get the best possible representation of your illustration.

Any help or commentary about the illustration is also very welcome!




Thank you very much,





PS - Please forgive my bad english, I'm from Brazil !!! :rolleyes:

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Apologies for the wait -

Just a quick reply to say that I want to believe the tank is more Korean War era but with a twist.

The gun barrel is patched over from something else, it's kind of a mish mash of several tanks I believe.

I'm not certain about any of the details as the tank is one of the elements that was already in place when I picked up the job.

In other words, since I wasn't the one who cobbled it together, I can't be real sure about the origins.


I think you can't go wrong with customizing something and getting "close enough".


Best - Tim



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