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Greetings everyone!


Has any of you watched the new Anime movie Appleseed: Ex Machina???? To be quite honest and in my humble opinion, as far as animated movies go, character desing, architecture and plot, this is truly the finest piece of animation I've ever come across. Two giant thumbs up for this one.


Check it out and share your opinion on it. It's an impressive anime production and for those who know nothing about it, after reading this message, go chek it out. It's truly one thrill ride. Hope you like it even more than I did. Enjoy!





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Just to clarify, is Appleseed, Ex Machina a sequel to Appleseed? And are there any other titles in the Appleseed Saga?


Ex-Machina is a sequel to the 2004 Appleseed movie. There is an older movie version of Appleseed (which I haven't seen), so I am unsure if it has any relation to the last pair, but, if you've seen the 2004 movie, Ex Machina continues that flow but branches out a bit towards a new and very interesting story arc. Highly entertaining in either case.


It's why I recommended it here for all you guys.


I absolutely love those latest Appleseed movies.

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I think the best way to describe the original Appleseed would be to compare it to the Vampire Hunter D saga. The original is great anime, but it is on a totally different level than the most recent movies. the art, story line and acting of the 1988 OVA do not compare. And the original Appleseed really strayed miles away from it's MANGA origins, and tried (successfully I think.) to tap into the cyberpunk genre. But it is a classic and was just a fantastic "Gotta get your hands on" piece (like Vampire Hunter D) when it 1st came out.


The last 2 movies attempt a closer retelling of the MANGA, but still stray somewhat from those FANTASTIC books.

I am in agreement with Noeland, I also wish they had stayed close to that shaded cell look of the 2004 Appleseed, it is just amazing to look at, a wonderful movie to view.


But to answer the question...NO, the original Appleseed has nothing to do with the storyline of the last 2. It uses the character names but that is the only thing it has in common with the last 2 movies.

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