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DOOMSDAY...the movie...not the actual end of times.

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Doomsday...I got the chance to catch the early 10 am showing of this movie...DAMNATION! it is a load a fun to watch!


It has got a little bit of everything in it from a touch of ZOMBIEish, 28 days, to Mad MAX, to Escape from NEW YORK.


A review I read on it called it "Close to MAD MAX Thunderdome. But it is more like Escape from New York, only with a really HOT CHICK kicking the shit out of everybody.(she's even got an eye patch!) I think they may have also pinched a line from the LAST BOY SCOUT.


Rhona Mitra was suprisingly fantastic in the badass role, with the latest influx of 60 year old action stars redoing old roles she is very refreshing...and did I say HOT...oh yeah, I did...sorry.




If you're in the mood for a fun filled (gore filled) action, dystopian, horror, did I say fun? filled movie go see this NOW!


It is truely more fun than poking toads with sticks...um, ok, maybe you gotta be a guy to understand that...

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Guest AdminGuyX

I watched this over the weekend, and yeah, it's an ODD flick. Like, a friggin' head scratcher. Did Neil Marshall write a film around locations he could get for free, or what?


I was fairly into it until the scene were Sol was introduced on stage, and the movie turned into, well . . . I don't know what.


A musical?


It was just weird.


I gotta admit, the cooking a person was one thing, but after reading about the stuff on the bus in Canada, and finding myself losing sleep over it, the chopping him up and serving him on plates made me sick to my stomach. I had a problem watching it, I wasn't ready for how much it would bother me actually.


A few of the action scenes were edited for shit. I mean shit. Especially the cat fight with the swords. That scene had some of the worst editing I think I've ever seen.


After that it was practically a fan film. I mean, it was even before that too. Every scene was derivative in some way. My understanding is that was intentional.


That honestly didn't bother me, because what this film also has is some excellent photography. Some of the establishing shots were gorgeous, some of the action was shot very well, and they took advantage of natural lighting in unique ways as well.


But, when the film went into the country side, it lost me again. Seeing a perfectly new and clean "Gift Shop" sign behind one of the actors in the castle made me fucking laugh out loud.


The two factors were supposed to be at war, but, well . . . HOW? WHERE? WHEN? I saw no signs of it.


You've got the cast of Escape From Mad Max at war with the clan from Highlander, LETS FUCKING SEE THAT. For a time, the movie seemed to be headed in that direction, but it turned into an episode of the BMW driver films instead with Mitra in place of Clive Owen.


And why on earth didn't anyone scavange that warehouse before them? I mean, it's been 20 years, and they use it as a hideout and go between. WTF???


And the end was just puzzling. I mean the very end. What was she doing? Why? I didn't get it one bit. is she going to war now? Are the Cannibals her people now? WHAT?


All that said, I did enjoy the movie, and Mitra did an awesome job. All the performances were pretty strong actually, to my surprise.


And YES, she was all kinds of hot in the film. I wouldn't be surprised to see her become the next action godess of hollywood.

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Abbey and I just watched this over the weekend, and I still missed that gift shop sign!

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LOL, Joe's a Mitra, Doomsday fan, COOL! I think I've watched this thing a half dozen times. It's just stupid fun.

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Finally watched this on DVD last night - the UR version. I don't know how much different this version is from the theatrical release. When they drove up to and entered the hospital, I had visions of Aliens popping in my brain for a while. That didn't last long, though.


It was fun to watch as long as you don't think about it too much. It sort of lost me toward the end when they were driving away - how nice the roads looked after 30 years of neglect. But I won't dwell on that. I would like to get one of those eyeball thingys. It would come in, um...handy.



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Finally got through this film.

I love Neil Marshall.

I wasn't crazy with anticipation after seeing the trailer months ago. I was laughing though.


Still, I had to see it. The 17 year old inside me can't refuse how fun it looked.

If I was a younger man I think this would have been a favorite. But I'm not a younger man anymore.

Experience has tamed the more easily impressed aspects of my sensibilities.


Some mild spoilers -


Thankfully I chose to accept it for what it was instead of holding it to a high cinematic standard.

Visually the film is stunning at times. I spotted a lot of lazy gaffs (Noeland too).

How about the scene where they are cutting open the sealed wall doors in a gorgeous downpour, APC's about to roll out . . .

Cool shots, rain falling in sheets, orange sparks ripping out and away from the cutting tools . . .

"Deactivate the motion weapons" (or whatever the line was).

Then a quick cutaway to the top of the wall where the motion sensitive weapons are perched . . .

No rain in the shot (Yikes), then a quick cut back to . . . RAIN. I just blinked and went, "OK" . . .

Then as they drive out and down the road past a phalanx of dilapidated cars in silhouette, weeds and crap growing through and around the long abandoned scene . . .

. . . We see an upright, perfectly erect skeleton in the driver's seat. Like they picked it up from a medical supply and set it in the car.

Yeah, 25 year old skeletons shouldn't have to obey the laws of nature ;)


I'm a nitpicky dick, what can I say?

Still this stuff didn't ruin the film for me, my disbelief was set at "Suspension level".


Yes, all types of theft from great films, and yes, intended. That's fine.

I enjoyed the ride because Marshall keeps it all moving and looking cool.

Craig Conway (Sol) was pretty electric to watch though even that got a little much for me. I kept seeing Vernon Welles doing it better.

But Conway was fun. Like Noeland I was rather disconnected by the cannibal rock concert conclave. Though I did appreciate the irony of The Fine Young Cannibals song playing over the whole thing. The dancing, the spectacle, the pagentry! Allllrighty then.


Mitra was awesome and I've been in love with her since Nip/Tuck.

She is one cool dame.


Chase stuff was fun and I really did enjoy the devolved from today's society version of the medieval stuff. The armor was super cool, the knights on horseback, those visuals were interesting and the idea is somewhat clever. I want to see a whole movie about that.


I still have to ask what the whole Malcolm McDowell thing was all about? I expected him to play a much larger part instead of being left behind for a car chase. His set-up narration at the beginning of the movie implied there would be some kind of payoff which never came for me personally.


Noeland also mirrors a lot of my other thoughts here and like Noeland I still enjoyed this film.

For the kind of film it is and was intended to be I'd give it a solid B.


- TB

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Did Neil Marshall write a film around locations he could get for free, or what?


To be fair, he made a $90 million movie for about $30 million, you've got to forgive him a few faults.


Wonder what his next movie will be like now that he's moved to Hollywood to work with a studio budget and Hugh Jackman


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I just watched this tonight. It was fun, I really liked it. It reminded me a lot of Escape From New York in story, tone and the score, with touches of The Road Warrior and 28 Day Later.


It was nothing deep, but just plain fun, balls out action. Plus, I was in the mood for a film with a little less restraint tonight, and this one delivered. My only gripe is one I share with Tim. I wish Malcolm McDowell had more screen time, but then again, the end left it wide open for another.

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but then again, the end left it wide open for another.


Sadly the box office returns didn't.... unless people get out there and buy the DVD

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This movie was obnoxious, but in a good way.

I saw Doomsday a few weeks ago. I do so love the post apocalyptic genre, the punk genre, the action genre, you feel me.

This was a fun ride but I felt that as a whole, in the end it suffered too much from the derivative themes and ideas. I can't think of another film that so clearly defines multiple personality disorder, or in this case multiple "genre" disorder. It's just a spin-off of ideas we've seen before. Judging by the blatancy of the homage I think it's clear that this was the intention. OK, we KNOW that was the intention. It works. It's fun. But it also feels like a product of a product. It's like candy. It's great while your consuming it but the feeling doesn't last. I hope Neil Marshall takes a bigger step with his next film. He has mucho promise.





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Really dug this movie, especially since i am a HUGE fan of Snake (yes, both NY and LA--sue me), and Max. The knights in the middle really seemed to come from left field. At first i was, 'WTF?', but then i just held on and enjoyed the ride. Totally a blast.

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