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The Passing of A Comics legend

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It is my saddest of sad duties here today to inform our RAW brethren (and sistahs), that our good friend Dave Stevens passed away yesterday at the age of 52.

He had been battling leukemia for over a decade. Creator of the gorgeously illustrated retro-action hero, The Rocketeer, Dave was not only a professional of the highest regard, he was a fan favorite, and one of our dear friends.


He blazed his way into the public eye in the 80's with his Pulp Adventure "The Rocketeer", and his spot on interpretation of Betty Page.


From Wikipedia - "The soap-opera theme of The Rocketeer is essentially a retelling of Stevens' own mercurial relationship with Charlene Brinkman, later known as Brinke Stevens. They were married for a mere six months. She later modeled for her ex-husband, providing the Bettie Page-esque poses for the character based on her, though the character's face was always Page. Other mutual acquaintances who show up in the comics include real-life glamour and porn photographer Ken Marcus. Dave Stevens portrayed Marcus as the sleazy "Marco of Hollywood," with a dead-on caricature."


Dave brought the "pin-up" back into vogue with his sultry ladies, something he became quite famous for.

In 1982, Dave was selected as the first winner of the prestigious "Russ Manning Award", for most promising newcomer in the comics field.


Dave dropped out of site in recent years because of his health issues, and kept his ailment strictly low profile.

It wasn't a secret but it wasn't advertised. Dave has spent the last few years doing only private commissions, including a very special Bad Planet cover for issue #6.

If I had to describe Dave Stevens in one word, that word would be "CLASS". And that covers Classy, World Class, and Classic in one word.


I was lucky enough to have known Dave over the years but even more so during the last 5. We had a really cool bonding one weekend at a show and struck up a really good friendship. I cannot even describe the impact Dave and his work had on Tom Jane and myself. Tom has been in close contact with Dave for the past few years and spent a lot of time with him. We knew this was coming, but Dave always beat it back in the past and we held out hoping he'd do it yet again.

Dave's mother said he was in a lot of pain so at the very least we're glad that's over for him. He fought a great fight and we were lucky to have him as long as we did.

It's very difficult for me to have to write this right now so I will simply say - We love you and miss you Dave


- TB

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My deepest sympathies.

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Guest AdminGuyX

Oh man.




I didn't know he was sick. I just figured he was retired.


His work has been so great for so long, he's just one of the icons of illustration, comic books, and pinups. Huge inspiration and influence.


I'll have to bust out a few of his comics this weekend.


Tim, Tom, my condolences on the loss of a good friend.

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