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Depth Of Field - Podcast #7

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Hey all -

Newest podcast is up and you can grab Episode #7 right here ---> http://www.rawstudios.com/podcast.html


I apologize in advance for my curmudgeony mood, my cold, and if I happened to dis on someone/something you may in fact like.

Opinions are like assholes right?


It had been a while since Tom Racine and I got to get together for a pod-fest so apologies also for the almost hour and a half long gab session.

I actually enjoy the long ones.


Lots more to come but in the meantime enjoy the newest offering.


- TB

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Hey, it's up! I just finished listening. Makes me feel like a fly on the wall in a room where two friends are just shooting the breeze.


I'm looking forward to those black death bunny slippers hitting the Wal-Mart shelves in the Fall. I always liked bunnies.


Reposted this from Kwiat who'd had nowhere else to post it at the time but the Podcast A Go-Go Thread!


Thanks Kwiat!

- TB

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I thought is was funny how you metioned that time flied by and that you were trying to keep the podcast under an hour. I love listening to like minded people's opinions on film, plus you have great stories from beind the scenes. My only complaint is that the episodes are only an hour.

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