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My heartfelt congratulations to RAW


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Greetings everyone!


A friend of mine from myspace, actor Frederic Doss shared the existence of RAW-Studios and these forums and I'm here today on my very first visit sharing with all of you. I am the creator and writer (not artist at all) of my very own and self published indie comic titled DARION. II'm here as a fan and friend and since I do have a comic which not many have seen, then share it. As many of you, I love comics and film, and I thank Frederic for sharing this place with me and I had no prior knowledge of RAW until now, so I am glad it exists and I want to congatulate Mr. Jane, Mr. Niles and Mr. Bradstreet on their achievements and their new venture. Wish that everything works out and infinte success abounds.


I'm not affiliated in with the comic book or film industries whatsoever. I'm here as a fan of those mediums and I hardly ever use forums at all, but I'm glad o be sharing in this one. Well, I'll be around and will proceed to discover what the gang here has been cooking. Feel free to share with me anytime.


For those interested in what I've accomplished, feel free to inquire, always glad to explain. I hope you all appreciate the comic I've envisioned and managed to achieve and and enjoy the interesting and fun read. Feel free to share your input with me. It will be appreciated.


Visit DARION at www.myspace.com/darionuniverse


I wish RAW and all you guys the best always. May all your dreams come true. Thanks for creating this little universe for us to be a part of.



Cordial and respectfully,


Antonio Rivera

Creator of Darión

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Well you could have been more kiss uppy lol,

But Welcome here man!





Thanks for your welcome Jason.


I'm just polite and I don't know anyone here so always respect from me. But I'm sure with time and new found friends, things will flow smoother.


You doing o.k.?




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