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Been awhile once again, been very busy on lots of pre-Comicon stuff which naturally I cannot show off yet.

But I believe I CAN report that this year's duties for THE WALKING DEAD Comicon poster (Season 2) went to yours truly ;)

Last year the poster was created by none other than DREW STRUZAN. 2012's WD Comicon Poster will be created by Bernie Wrightson!

That's some INCREDIBLE company to be in.


I got to work with my pal, the esteemed WD series creator, and legendary director Frank Darabont directly while creating this year's poster art.

Last time I worked with someone so creatively in-tune with artists was when I went to work for Guillermo del Toro on Blade II.

So expect bombastic results.

I'll post here when I can. Figure late July.


In the meantime, I've been tabbed by IDW editor emeritus, Scott Dunbier, to create covers for at least the first 4 issues of Star Trek.

This Trek follows the adventures of the new crew from the 2009 film as they go where no one has gone . . . before.

Think classic TV episodes with the parallel universe spin and you begin to see the possibilities for some great comics.


Here's the art for issue #1. Pretty standard first issue fare, but word is that the folks at Bad Robot and CBS are game for taking these covers in a fresh direction as we move forward.

As a ridiculously major Trek Classic fan, how could I say no?


Star Trek #1



Feedback here


More to come soon -

- TB



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Because you asked so nicely ;)





Star Trek #2 - Where No Man Has Gone Before|Redux




Star Trek #2 - Pencils








HELLRAISER #8 - Pencils




Jennifer Blood #8




Jennifer Blood #9 w/trade dress



Cover to NEGATIVE BURN - A novel by David J. Schow -

This book takes place in the same world as Schow's wonderful, INTERNECINE.

The idea here was a complete opposite, a flip-side of what INTERNECINE'S cover looked like.




And I leave you with a sneak peek at the new clan art I created for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition -

N O S F E R A T U - 2011




>Feedback here


- TB





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First lemme answer a question . . .

David J. Schow's new book was indeed title-changed from Negative|Burn, to UPGUNNED, which was the original title of the book before St. Martin's (in their infinite wisdom) attempted to change it, insisting the title UPGUNNED was confusing instead of original. Also, with the title we wanted to begin with, Dave's book would be the first to come up on a google search with UPGUNNED. That's reason enough.

We're thrilled ;)

Thankfully, the title Negative|Burn was already in play thanks to my pal Joe Pruett, who publishes an anthology series by the same name.


Now, onto the real deal.

Cause I love ya, and cause you deserve it . . . And because I'm wild about this one . . .

Star Trek #5 really IS hot off the presses. My editor hasn't even seen it yet.


But since this is a bit of a private club I'm figuring it's safe to post here first.

Gotta sneak one in sometimes ;)


Hope you enjoy - More soon - Including a pretty awesome announcement about a new title I'm picking up as Cover Artist . . .

Stay -Tuned . . . Until then I give you . . .


Star Trek #5 - Operation: Annihilate!





Feedback HERE

- TB

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Here's the follow-up to Star Trek #5 -

Seriously hot off the boards -



Star Trek #6 - Operation: Annihilate! - Part II




And . . .

A new personal illustration.


Sean Bean from Black Death



Feedback in the feedback thread :)


- TB

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Been a while . . .

Even so, there's still a lot of stuff I can't show off yet.

However . . . I have a lot I think you folks will like.


Here goes . . .


1. Hellraiser #11

This one was created with a helping hand from my pal Scott Harben who helped me with the overall design with his mad photo retouch skillz.

Grant chimed in with a perfectly executed color polish. Team effort and one of my favorite covers in a long while.



2. Hellraiser #13 pencils (incentive cover) - First look (as far as covers go) of the new Kirsty-Pinhead.



3. Jennifer Blood #12

I was thinking at the time that this would be my last cover for Jennifer Blood, but they talked me into sticking around until issue 18.

Now I've got to come up with a whole new run-ending statement ;)



4. Incentive cover for Jennifer Blood #12, featuring the very simple line art with no heavy blacks.



5. Jennifer Blood #15 - Just finished this one early this morning. Wanted to do something akin to the stuff I did for Scalped! Except this won't have additional color.



6. Cover for Rogue Angel: City of Swords



7. Star Trek #7 - The first of a 2-part story line linking back to the 2009 film




I'll post Trek #8 early next week.

Just completed the rough for Trek #9 and I'm way jazzed. Based off of one of my all-time fave episodes - RETURN OF THE ARCHONS

Only because of the time-shift, the crew find themselves not in an early 19th Century village, instead it's MEDIEVAL. Really cool.

Can't wait to show that off.


Other upcoming stuff includes - The Tower Chronicles (from Legendary), Revolver Magazine cover featuring PANTERA, and a short stint on IDW's JERICHO, which features comics adapted from the un-produced 3rd season teleplays - All of which were written, but since the show was canceled they were never filmed . . . Series co-creator, Jon Steinberg is onboard so this should be VERY cool for fans of the show.


- TB


Feedback HERE

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Here's a few new ones hot off the boards -


Star Trek #8




True Blood #1 (IDW)




True Blood #1 line art incentive cover




Obviously, the post-holiday blues were finally blasted away a few weeks ago and it's been REAL busy.

More new stuff this weekend.


- TB


Feedback HERE

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When it rains it pours - Here's a couple more covers hot off the boards ;)


Jennifer Blood #14 - I really dig the simplicity of this one -




Star Trek #9 - Part I of the retelling of RETURN OF THE ARCHONS -




Another stellar job by Grant coloring the figures.

I have to say I'm having a helluva good time doing these Trek covers, I hope it shows.

The story behind the Trek cover features a cool alternate universe twist -

In the original episode when Kirk and the landing party arrive on Beta III, they encounter a 19th century village/town . . .

In the new Trek-Verse, they encounter Beta III in a Medieval setting. Very fucking cool.

One little thing changed has major repercussions in the new Trek-Verse, and these new takes on old adventures is turning out to be cooler than we'd hoped.


More soon.

Feedback HERE


- TB

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