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Tim Bradstreet

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Guest AdminGuyX

Graham Greene is awesome. Been a fav of mine since Dances with Wolves and Thunderheart. He's got incredible presence and power on screen. The last thing I saw him on was the TV show Numbers. He hasn't been in a high profile film for a while has he?


It was kind of cool to see him on Numbers since he was on Northern Exposure a few times too.


I saw the likeness too. Scalped is an interesting book, BTW. When you're in the mood for something different off the shelf, it's a pretty solid choice.


And as for Tim doing western books, HERE HERE. The work he did for Jonah Hex was great, I'd love to see him do something with movement, horses, etc. I'll just keeping posting about him like he's not here . . .








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#59 looks great.


Tim, are you gonna have complete freedom on the last issue?



Looks like I'm getting some freedom on this. My editor had some good notes about my rough so hopefully I'm off to the races.

- TB

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Oh, and thanks for the positive feedback on Nightmare Factory.

I really did have a lot of fun doing it.

I was able to run with how I saw the concept and initially had a lot of freedom.

My pal Eric Lieb, called praying I'd have some time to do him a favor . . . And that favor was throwing something together that they could at least toss over to the book trade solicitations as a "temporary image" for the book. I had a bit of time so I told him I'd take a shot at it.

But, what Eric didn't know at the time is that my plan from the very beginning was to work up something that would knock their socks off.

I never once thought of the job as being "temporary". I considered it a test. A test to see if I could take on something with little or no expectations and in turn give them something they couldn't refuse. When Eric saw my first pass he was over the moon. He knew right then that this would be the cover (As I'd hoped).

At that point he needed me to make a few minor tweaks, some of which I balked at initially.

But Lieb knows what he's doing and I made the requested changes.

At the end of the day I think his calls were right on the money.


Sometimes as an artist you can get lost in a piece.

And by lost I mean that sometimes you can miss the forest for the trees.

I may fight requests for changes from time to time because I feel strongly about knowing what I'm doing.

Especially if I'm working with an editor or art director that doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

But a good editor can make you see the light.

I respect people that listen to your reasons for NOT wanting to change something and then offer good reasoning and rational for why it should be changed.

Eric knows when to leave me alone and he knows when and how to crack a whip without fucking with my serenity.

That's why I have to take my hat off to him.


- TB

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That always depends on the job requirements.

I don't normally get a call to do this type of thing.

I'd call it a graphic design job more than an illustration gig.

There are elements of illustration in it but for the most part it's a different animal.

I play in these waters from time to time but normally on my own.

When something I do in this way does see print on masse, it's usually because I have the freedom to chart my own course.

This was the case recently which prompted me to do a graphic design piece for Criminal Macabre, below.




Granted, this piece is more graphic, but it's the same set of rules.

I also was given the opportunity to work in graphic design mode recently while doing Sandman Mystery Theater.

They wanted photo covers al-la the original Vertigo series but I didn't want to leave it there so I took it another step.

Example below -




I'm trying my hand at this style of work because it's the kind of thing that can get me more commercial gigs (and a lot more $ than comics pay).

I enjoy it immeasurably, especially if I'm free to play. And for the most part so far I've been allowed to do so.

I'd like to do more book covers and movie posters like this. That's the aim.

It'll never replace me doing actual illustration though ;)


- TB



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It'll never replace me doing actual illustration though ;)


- TB


I certainly hope not. :D

That's the thing I like about your work, I can expect certain things, and you surprise me every cover, but every now and then we get a curve ball that knocks the wind out of me, in a good way. ;)

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Cellblock 666 is really lookin good man.


I'm actually enjoying the covers for this arc more than the covers for the previous two.


It still blows that Jane won't be Cal anymore. Each new cover is a testament of what a loss this is going to be for the book. Tell that to Niles.


Lookin forward [heavily] to the next one dude,




*Thanks for unveiling this gruesome epic right on schedule - I was vigilant of the Hot Off The Boards thread for 2 weeks.

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Heheh, yes, the timing was supernatural!


I agree with you about the Jane situation.

I'd argue the point harder with Steve but alas, his mind is made up and I have to respect that.

But ya can't just replace a leading man so easily, especially with Jane's credentials.

Tom is the very epitome of Cal and I'm personally mucho bummed about it as you know.

It just means I'll have to find other things for Tom to do.

I'll find something cool. In fact, I may be illustrating a Robert E. Howard project for Paradox.

My favorite howard character - "El Borak", and Tom has already said he'll do it.

Praying that my schedule works out to take it on.


Glad you dig the piece.

It was a fun one, just sent it over to Darabont ;)


- TB

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Guest AdminGuyX

Michael Jeter!! Hahaha.


Just watched Open Range again last week.


And the cover is amazing as usual. I'm gonna miss Tom as Cal too!!


And the Scalped covers are just blowing me away, I already enjoyed that booked, this is more icing on the cake.




Thanks for the thread too Tim, always nice to see new work.



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I love the suspended bullets in Punisher Max 59.It really fucks with your notion of time. And the Scalped 18 cover is jaw-droppingly tripped out. I know jaw-dropping is an adjective itself but if I were to describe the characheteristics of the trip- it's jaw-dropping like. His hair and the shadow of his eyes are amazing. And finally, why would a guy who is crazy enough to strangle a corpse be wearing a tiny band-aid. What did he- cut himself shaving or something? And if he did- why was he shaving his eyebrows?


okay-Here's my one gripe-Criminal Macabre- Initially I didn't like how the upper lip came out. But I went and looked at the upper-lip again and realized that there is a parallel in the dynamics of his mouth with the mouth of the corpse. The angles are like mirror reflections.


Punisher MAX 58- looks like a fuckin photograph dude. How do you do that? Do you eat vegetables or something?


and finally, the colored Blade II piece is phenomenal.


and you don't do any digital post-processing do you?



oh, and Scalped 19 is hot as fuck. If this was an Ah-Ha video, oh man you can say goodbye to your cover- I'm takin' her home with me!


Alright enough ass-kissin' for one night.



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TB--the latest cover is nasty...and that's a good thing!

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Originally posted by SHADOWMACH in the Hot Off The Boards Thread because I forgot to close the topic when I finished posting the artwork.

Relocated here, and thanks for the sentiments Shadowmach -


Here it is exclusively, the last of the regular Punisher run.

Punisher Max #60.




It's my (and Frank's) salute to the fans.


I'll post a black and white too, coming up next.

Thanks to all the fans and supporters of The Punisher for making over 100 issues a complete pleasure to work on.


- TB





It's a masterpiece, I can't say anything more.

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This was Mike's original post.

He snuck in before I could close the topic back up ;)


Awesome, I actually didn't even notice the targets in the background.


- Yeah, I didn't pull that element out more in the color since it was going to get completely covered by the logo.

Also didn't want that element to overpower Frank.

I like to think of it as controlled subtlety ;)


- TB

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