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Tim Bradstreet

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Glad you folks are digging the new goods . . .

I've been slamming the thread all week with new 'unseen to the public' stuff -


The last couple months have been heavy and I've been crunching deadlines like a madman.

So yeah, lots of new stuff to enjoy - Just added a super-hot new Trek cover - Next is the pencil variant ;)


More coming this weekend including (finally) a look at all the VAMPIRE art I created for the 20th Anniversary Edition last summer.

You gonna like those . . ;)


- TB

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Who is the model for Kirsty? I was courious because I know that Ashley Laurence was in Shock Festival. I know i've said it several times before, but I think the Hellraiser covers are some of your best.


By the way, why no cover for issue 9?


Also, if you are a Barker/Hellraiser fan, pick up this book. And if you are wondering, Harry D'Amour has not shown up in the book...

but he has been mentioned several times.

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By the way, why no cover for issue 9?



I had an extremely busy month and knew it was going to be rough beforehand . . .

I basically took the "issue #9 month" off from duty and that let me get back on schedule for issue #10.

It rarely ever happens that I break off a run of covers but in that particular case it was a necessity ;)


- TB

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Hi there: I love the JB #13, beautifully balanced female figure and love the JB #15 "movie poster" with all the "Shock Fest"-iche disclaimers! ;) And though not a big follower of the Hellraiser canon, really love the damning imagery of the soul within a soul within a soul ad infinitum regress and the new goddess Pinhead in color is just nightmarishly dreamy.

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Thanks, jayesse8 -

Appreciate the kind words.

Did you mean Jennifer Blood #14? I haven't posted #13 ;)

If so, I'm really glad you liked #14. I've gotten some really good feedback on that one.

It's kind of a dangerous thing to do to yourself when you just draw a character and leave it on a canvas with very little else.

Easy for people to think you're just being lazy.

Hopefully in this case, anyone who might think that will like what IS there enough to enjoy the simplicity, which is what I was after.


Cheers - Tim

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Hey there Tim - sorry for the mis-referenced comments - I've got forum scrolling issues! ;) and I'm behind a few posts with the feedback.


I meant this one:


"3. Jennifer Blood #12

I was thinking at the time that this would be my last cover for Jennifer Blood, but they talked me into sticking around until issue 18.

Now I've got to come up with a whole new run-ending statement ;)"




I do like all your women but I like the "nudie" repose of that one especially ... very pretty! :)


Thanks for writing!

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Clive Barker's site is pretty good at releasing new Hellraiser covers, they also have the ones that didn't make the cut. I saw the cover for issue 18 was up the other day: http://www.clivebarker.info/graphichrboom.html


I'm going to guess that's Tom standing in as Harry D'Amour. Very nice. Too bad Scott Bakula does not age, Tom would be a great Harry. It would be cool to see Tom play a Harry D'Amour type character in the future.

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