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Favorite video games of all time

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A couple of years late to the topic but what the hey! Favourite game of all time is Silent Hill 2. Just everything about it from the design, the soundtrack, the story, its just an amazing piece of work.


Other all time favourites would be:

Half Life

Metal Gear Solid


Resident Evil 2 and 4

GTA: Vice City

Hitman: Contracts

Kane & Lynch

Super Mario Bros

Fallout 3

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Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4 and Origins... its the scariest thing ever created. And I love the complexity of the stories and how it plays on the anonymous character you're guiding through the game. IE you never really know anything about James Sunderland until the end...


Hitman - Silent Assassin, Contracts, Blood Money.


Love these. Love trying to do each mission only using fibre wire... The styling of the games is really cool and I love the european settings of 2 and 3.

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