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Depth Of Field - Podcast A Go-Go

Tim Bradstreet

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Hey gang -

Just wanted to let people know that the sloth-like pace of Podcasts recently is due to the fact that my partner, Tom Racine has had some tragedy and other craziness in his personal life lately. We also don't live real close to each other so logistics can play a part in us gathering together on a regular basis. We're discussing some options that can relieve that last problem and that may help us do our thing more regularly. And that's precisely what we want to do, make the Podcast a regular thing - At the very least, Bi-Weekly.


Anyway, bear with us for a little while longer and we'll have some new goodies to toss at you, including the Tom Jane/Ron Perlman interviews we promised a while back.

We also look forward to getting on with a somewhat more structured show on our own. For the most part it will be me and Racine, but occasionally we'll have guests.

I've received a lot of mail recently asking about new Podcasts, and that's cool! I'm glad that people care enough about the show to be curious about what's going on.

A little more patience and we'll be back on track.


Cheers - TB

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Tim, you're probably way ahead of me here, but any chance that we could hear Tom O'Brian on the show? I'm not too sure on his background, but I was wondering how the whole Punisher thing came about and how he feels about seeing his mug on action figures that are modeled after your work.

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That's a great idea.

It will also ruin Tom O'Brien's mystique! ;)

But putting too much stock in that would be taking this all too seriously.

I'd love to have Tom on. In fact, book it.

As soon as Tom Racine and I have the technology we will endeavor to do so.

Hopefully sometime in the next couple months.


We have a new episode lurking around but apparently TR is taking his time with the editing.

I'm going to call him RIGHT NOW and bug him!


- TB

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Hey -

Just wanted to alert folks that the Thomas Jane interview is completed.

We got TJ on the phone for and hour + last night, talked about Dark Country, directing, film noir (for which Tom provides a history lesson), comics, Bad Planet, the list goes on and on! We're going to combine Tom's interview with our short but sweet Ron Perlman interview from the set of Dark Country. That show will probably be edited into 2 parts as it will run a little long.


Also, by request I arranged a wonderful interview with the face of the Punisher comics, Tom O'Brien.

Tom was a huge factor during my prodigious run on the comic incarnation of the character.

Learn things that will shock you, and hear about all the fun we had making these books for the past 8 years.

You won't want to miss it.


I'll post specific threads when the interviews are available here in about a week.

Hopefully sooner.


You can find all past podcasts over at the RAW Studios Multimedia Archive, including our latest - Tom and Tim's Summer movie extravaganza (episode 7).



- TB

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Guest AdminGuyX

Along the lines of having Tom O'Brien on (which is cool, I can't wait to hear it), I'd like to drop an idea in the suggestion box for a podcast.


I'd love for you guys to have Joel Stinton on, and discuss not only the very first photo shoot you guys ever did, but I'd also be interested to learn your 10 favorite illustrations that Joel modelled, Joel's favorites, etc.


I'm sure you guys have some excellent stories about the formidable years, how it all got started, that sort of discussion would be cool to hear.


And it could maybe be the red sky diary podcast too. I'd certainly be interested to hear some of Joel's thoughts on Gallows.


If he has any :)





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That's interesting.

Do you know if they are taking a more "adult" direction with the animation?

So it doesn't play like a cartoon but more like an animated pulp/sci-fi adventure?

That would be wondrous to see.


- TB

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Not sure what the deal is Mike, I just checked it out and it played fine.

Maybe your connection froze before the whole episode downloaded to the stream.

If you continue to have problems or don't want to F with it then my best advice is to download the episode from Itunes.

In Itunes - Just do a search for "Tim Bradstreet" - I only get one episode to show up, but, you'll see a picture of me and Tom Racine listed under "Podcasts" -

Click the pic and it will give a complete listing. Then you can download the episodes complete - no streaming BS.


Hope that helps.


- TB

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Same thing here, too. Right around the 27 minute mark it stops.

-Episode 8 is the problimatic one Tim.

And here I was so excited to get home from work and listen to it. From what I've heard so far, I can't hear the rest. Oh well, good things come to those who wait.

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Thanks for the heads up on the podcast, folks...the lovely Heather has fixed the problem. Apparently the FTP site failed to upload the whole podcast. But, I'm told it's been rectified, so go listen to it in all its glory! (Generally, let's just blame Tim...I'm sure it was his fault somehow.)


Tom Jane/Ron Perlman interview coming soon!



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Just a post to apologize for the GAP in episodes. A lot of that has been explained.

Tom R has had a lot on his plate with family craziness and now it's about to actually get worse . . .

Or better depending on how you look at it.


Tom's wife is about to give birth to their second child.

If not tonight she will be induced tomorrow, so instead of crying over no new Podcasts, let's just offer Tom a HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!


I'm shopping for a microphone and the appropriate other gadgets I need to connect remotely with Tom so that we can do our damn show without the travel.


Hope to be up in running in the next 2 weeks.


- Tim

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