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Always a big fan of his work. Blade Runner being the first of his posters I remember seeing.


The Color Purple was probably my favorite of his, but some of his more recent work was pretty damn brilliant too.





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A huge loss.

I only became aware of John Alvin several years ago when he created art for Sand Pirates Of The Sahara for Frank Darabont's film "The Majestic".

Sand Pirates was the film within the film with Bruce Campbell as the dashing hero of yesteryear. And the art was bloody gorgeous! I had to know who did it!

His talent spanned all areas of the film industry and was most notable for his work with Spielberg and Mel Brooks, and that collaboration wasn't limited to Spielberg or Brooks directed films, it washed down the tributary of Spielberg's producing efforts, Poltergiest, Gremlins, The Goonies, etc . . . As well as the extended Spielberg network, George Lucas, Joe Dante, John Milius, Ron Howard, Rob Reiner, Richard Donner, Joel Schumacher, etc . . .

It's kind of easy to see the pattern of how he was passed along from one top director to another.

If an artist's talent and quality is measured by the projects one represents and the people you are associated with then John Alvin should be considered to be the most celebrated movie poster artists of the 70's and 80's, and into the 90's. It's disappointing that his work is not as lauded as other greats such as Bob Peake, and Drew Struzan. My personal favorite is the poster art he created for the underrated 1979 Harrison Ford film, "Hanover Street".




I know that a lot of insiders were aware of his work and his impact. It's too bad he wasn't recognized by a larger fan base while he was alive.

But perhaps that is the way he liked it. I very much hope that someone will celebrate this great artist's work in the form of a book at some point in the near future.


- TB

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He was an underrated artist to me. It sucks that we won't get to see his work anymore. I have an original '79 print of the Hanover Street poster. I got it for only 20 dollars! I don't have it hanging up though. It's still folded and away in my memorabilia closet.

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