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Worst film ever seen..........


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The only Terminator film I've ever enjoyed was T2 - I'm just not going to think about Dark Fate!

I have a new contender: Man of Steel.

I'm not a Superman fan but I remembered enjoying the Christopher Reeve films back in the last century. I'm also really, really not a DC fan, which is why I've put off watching MoS for so long. However, a couple of weeks ago, I steeled myself (see what I did there, ha ha!), and went for it. 

I'll never get those two hours back. What a massive waste of time. 🤯 

Had they set it during the 1930s, it might have worked better but really, the only thing that could have saved it would've been a fire in the cutting room, in which the only part that survived was the title credits.

And there I was thinking that The Tomorrow War was going to be the worst film I watched this year. 😂

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I haven’t seen this movie and now I never will ! 🙂

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Oh yes - I’d almost managed to forget this one Nicole!  Thanks for reminding me of one of the few films that could be a genuine cure for insomnia!  I think I’ve tried to watch it twice and fell asleep both times 🥱 It’s so unremittingly grim I can’t quite believe the positive reviews it gets.  If you want to try and get through something almost as excruciating may I recommend Stillwater with Matt Damon? ‘Still watching?’ more like!  It’s two+ solid hours of no story as such and a truly devastatingly disappointing ending.  I sat through the whole thing thinking that something would happen sometime soon but no, it just ended.  

And I too was looking forward to The Tomorrow War but that was a bit of a turkey as well. 😒

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