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I really think, the film was absolutely perfect and I mean that.


I couldn't see anything wrong with it, I loved it from the very beginning to the very end.


Because or even though I am a big Star Trek fan.


It is definitely my film of 2009.

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I christened my new 52" HDTV with this just before Christmas. It was my 3rd time. Love this movie. It may be my favorite movie of the year.


When Captain Pike says - "Your father was Captain of a Starship for 12 minutes, he saved 800 lives, including yours. I dare you to do better."

I got fucking chills up my spine. I still do.


And the above moment was definitely my favorite moment in any 2009 film. It's stuck with me ever since I saw the flick last May on the Paramount lot.

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Amen Brian - You told me so.

I had slight reservations after hearing your non spoiler appraisal but that's only because there is always something that gets lost in translation.

I adore this film too and I'm gonna say it now. Yep, this is my pick for favorite film of 2009.

It may not be the all around BEST film, but it IS my favorite.


- TB

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I’ve never really been into Star Trek and I went into this with fairly low expectations, and it just blew me away. It’s by far the best film that came out during the summer. It’s not just a great Star Trek movie, it’s a great film full stop. You need no prior knowledge or attachment to enjoy it.

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It'll be here before we know it ;)

After 30, time goes by in giant chunks.


I kind of do hope they retell Space Seed or Wrath Of Khan, even without Ricardo. Hell, none of the other original players will be there either and I can think of at least half a dozen actors who would KILL in that role.

It would also be super fucking cool to see how the altered reality changes what happened originally. That's what is so great about fucking with time scenarios, one little thing changes and BANG, you can rewrite history. One of the reasons I'm so jazzed about the new regime. I can think of at least 10 episodes of the original series that could make very interesting fodder for a film.

Part of the charm of Star Trek is the very rich history it's steeped in with 81 episodes of the original series and 6 feature films.

That's a whole fucking lot of possibility.

To the bean counters it would make sense to revisit Space Seed or Wrath as it would seem to have a guaranteed audience built in.


I'll be following things closely.


- TB

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I'd love to see an extended version of the "Balance of Terror" episode from the original Star Trek. And although Ben Cross is quite the stellar actor, maybe he shouldn't duplicate Mark Lenard's accomplishment of playing the Romulan Commander and Sarek.


I think there could be a very viable "Das Boot" duel in the neutral zone between the cold, calculating, and stealthy Romulan Commander and the innovative, non-conventional Kirk. It could also be a good way to reset the political tone of the new Star Trek universe.



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You are so right, Tim. I would love to see my favorite episode of the original series, The City on the Edge of Forever, written into the script. That would make a fantastic movie. That story was just too short for one hour, and I've always felt like there was a lot more to tell with it. That would be cool.


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