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The velocity of Gary* (not his real name)


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Hello forum,

It seems there is no thread about The velocity of Gary* (not his real name) until now so let's create one I'd say.

I may be biased but to me Tom's performance was excellent in an "ok" movie. His juvenile insolence is getting at you in all the scenes. He is irresistible, which is the goal here.

Salma Hayek is good too, she makes her character believable and injects much of passion. 

I'm not so sure about Vincent D'Onofrio. Difficult to say because I don't know which material he got from the script but in comparison to the others he's pale.

I had wished the movie to be a bit more realistic concerning the emotions they are feeling. It's ok to reduce some aspects and not fall into "full drama" ("Philadelphia" was already released 6 years before) but especially towards the end of the movie I think the way chosen by the writers was way too simplistic.

I also had the impression that the scenes were all attached to one another sequentially without any transition. It probably sounds harsher than it really is but I don't know how to express the feeling of "incompletness" of this movie.

Hung fans: alone the entry scene of the movie will knock you down. Tom is unbelievable, unleashed like a wild feline in the jungle, sure of his body strength, his seductive power.

I enjoyed very much the group of friends around the 3 main characters. Here it reminded me of "Priscilla queen of the desert", a movie I love with awesome Hugo Weaving. Also released a few years before Velocity of Gary.

And as a nice side effect I got to train my player to read DVDs from region code 1. Could come in handy 😁

Conclusion: must see movie for Tom's fans but not a masterpiece. 

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Agreed. It didn't really commit to what it was trying to be.

I felt Vicent was miss cast which is one of the reasons it didn't feel complete but Thomas was standout in the film, not biased, just a really clear performance in a muddled film. 

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Not really my kinda film, had a quick Google and critics seem to be of the same opinion as Ariane and Geoff - gotta say though, watched the one scene that came up on most searches (I think you know the one I mean!) and can honestly say it’s probably the only time I will ever be jealous of Vincent D’Onofrio!! Pretty impressed with their commitment though!

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