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Outstanding San Diego Comicon proof orders '07

Tim Bradstreet

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Every year at the San Diego Comicon I spend 3 or 4 days prior to the show printing artist proofs to offer at the biggest comics show on Earth.

You can't account for everyone's tastes so I just try to print a little of everything. Still, some proofs I have on hand sell out quickly.

Fortunately I live in San Diego so each night I print up the stuff that was ordered but out of stock earlier in the day to ensure everyone gets their proofs.

Still, some folks (for a myriad of reasons) do not make it back by my table to pick up their orders, even though they have paid for them.

At the end of the show I always have a few left that were not picked up.


All of that works pretty well until we hit Sunday. Sunday people are leaving, so any proof orders I take during the day Sunday for out of stock items must be shipped to the purchaser. Easy enough. I make a list and take down names and addresses with the intent to ship all outstanding orders out of here by the following week.


This past comicon it didn't happen in quite so timely a fashion.


I was so inundated with deadlines after the show that printing and shipping out the orders took a back seat.

People are normally pretty patient though. I also needed to restock my supplies, which for whatever reason also did not happen right away.

August flew past and September was burdened with another big show as well as doing production on several RAW books, more deadlines and watching my 20 month old daughter while my wife went back to work. Next thing I know, I'm off to Albuquerque NM to work for 9 weeks on a film - "Dark Country".

In the meantime I did receive a few emails from kind individuals inquiring about their proof orders. Again, very patient and understanding.

I'm out of town but I promise to take care of them upon my return. People understand . . . Thankfully.


Only problem is that I get back from New Mexico and not only have to catch up on deadlines but I also have a wife going out of her mind because she has had no help with an almost 2 year old for 9 weeks. So I played daddy full time for a week AND had to hit my deadlines. Then we have the oh so well timed Holidays ;)

Sure, everyone has their excuses but honestly, there is no good excuse to string people along for almost 6 months. Patience starts to wear thin and I cannot blame anyone for that.


Case in point - Mr. Erik Tukey - A fella that has been very patient about the whole thing.

He sent me this -


Dear Tim,


"It makes me sad that you are contributing to the stereotype that the

comic industry does not care about its customers. I really like your

work and would have definitely purchased more prints from you, but

when over half a year passes and I still haven't received the first

one I paid for it leaves a very sour taste in my mouth. If you can't

get me the print soon could you please just refund my money."



Wow, talk about a wake up call.

And he's exactly right.



So this is being dealt with as a priority . . . finally.

I should say that in the past I've always been able to deal with taking care of the customers. They may have had to wait a bit but the orders always went out in a somewhat timely fashion. And anyone who was unsatisfied in the slightest, was taken care of and made happy.

I simply dropped the ball after this year's SDCC. For that I apologize.



The last thing I truly am, is an industry professional who doesn't care about the fans. Quite the opposite.

It's been a tough year and I'm trying to deal with that.



Thank you.

Tim Brastreet

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That's a really stand-up thing you did, there by stepping up and taking responsibility , Tim. *claps in admiration*



While I'm always reticent to nag or harass creative professionals (especially ones as kind and deferential as yourself)... I hope you haven't forgotten about my art. :(





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Heheh, no shit.

I gotta get that out to you and I'll be doing so very soon.

Thanks for the gentle reminder.


As for being "stand up", I don't feel I deserve the sentiment.

I'm not out to garner respect for fucking up. I'm just taking responsibility for it.


Cheers - Tim

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