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Now before anyone starts going all Whitney on this hear me out.........


Bodyguard has been a 6 part TV show here in the UK that's just finished and gotten fantastic reviews. (100% Rotten Tomatoes, 8.5 IMDB etc etc) Its not all out out action TV show its a thriller was some great plot twists and writing and some really good story arcs and interaction work that I know TJ enjoys playing. Just cant help but think a transition into US TV is likely to happen due to its massive success over here (over 10 million people watched the finale last night)


Netflix has just bought it so im sure its going to be shown elsewhere soon just think Tom would do the role really well.

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Hi Geoff, just found your entry... do you by any chance followed up on this idea? (Information directly to/from Tom, called anyone dealing with money flow)? Is there anything behind it concerning TJ or just wishful thinking? 

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No I wouldn't no where to begin, who in the US bought the rights or even if a script was pursued. 

Would translate well I think though was a bloody good tv series. 

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