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New Advert staring TJ


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Tom has done an amazing advert for Scandinavian Airlines where he gives a beautiful monologue to his on screen daughter. http://creativity-online.com/work/sas-travelers-think-big--the-bike-ride/49551



I loved it, check it out RAWarriors



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The link didn't work for me. But I found the video here: https://scandinaviantraveler.com/en/play/travelers-think-big-big-bike-ride (hope that works for others).


You're right, Geoff. It's a great video. TJ sure is popping up in so many different places lately. Good for him, better for us! ;)

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  • 2 years later...

Haha !

2 months on this forum and I still discover so much !

Have just watched this video. Short but sooo sweet and encouraging. I loved it 😉

People, don't you ever be shy!

Talk to strangers! Travel!

Love it.

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Just saw this now...great advert!

Only you TJ has knocked it out of the park again. Loved it ...passionate about travelling.

It's an inspiring ad to want to travel for sure due to Tom's acting of course :)

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