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Should The Hulk be the villain in The Avengers movie?  

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Administrator's note - This is also the official Avengers thread - Read on! - Ye editor, TB.


Jon Favreau has revealed that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) will encounter Army General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt) in a scene from this June's The Incredible Hulk!!!


This will begin what MARVEL waited 10 years to do with their films, which is crossing over the worlds - in this case setting up THE AVENGERS film set to be released as soon as each individual character has his own feature. With IRON MAN and The Incredible Hulk this year, THOR in 2010 and Captain America in 2011, it is now an inevitable countdown to a live action adventure fest starring Robert Downey Jr. and Edward Norton!


If DC was smart, they'd wait to do their Justice League film AFTER all the characters had their own films. Then again, Bale refuses to do a JLA film and the BATMAN franchise is DC's ONLY successful film franchise.



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SO...does this mean we'll get NEW AVENGERS and the Wolverine film may also see some crossover potential...

Nope, Fox holds the rights the X-Men, so that is a no go until the rights revert back to Marvel. The only reason they are able to do the Hulk/Iron Man crossover is because Marvel is producing their own films.

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I'm very much against a satirical Marvel hero. It defeats the entire purpose that these characters are trying to serve. I WOULD watch it, but I don't think his involvement with the Avengers on-screen is something to look forward to. Giant Man would interest me - were he to have his own feature in the horizon only to rendezvous with Capi and the rest of the SERIOUS heroes.




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Castle and Fury. Not likely to happen but still. It would be bad ass if Fury recruited Castle like in Mother Russia out of the MAX series. See why it would be a good idea to have an HBO hard-R series with Tom Jane? You can do everything cause Frank is the most realistic character out there!





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Yeah that would be the thing to see. If done right it would be a kick ass sequence and film.




I would love it if that scene was word to word from the comic book.


The Punisher: "If you don't shoot you've got a death on your conscience. A death you could have prevented. If you do shoot you're a killer."


Daredevil: "What kind of choice is that...?"


The Punisher: "The one I make every time I pull the trigger."


That was in the Hensleigh script... Well, without Daredevil of course. :P But with West, I belive it was.


But, I'd love to see Fury and Castle.


Really... I miss Hensleigh.


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If this is true, I smelled it coming...


"CAMEO: Wolverine to Make Appearance in Incredible Hulk Movie!"


He was one of those characters that seemed to go up against anything that breathed. Wolverine – soon to be star of his own prequel X-Men spinoff starring Hugh Jackman is a fan favorite, thanks greatly to his almost perpetual bad mood. Now, we’ve got the scoop for the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie, and you are going to love it!


As I mentioned, Wolverine was one of Marvel’s favorites, and was subsequently teamed up against a whole range of other Marvel superheroes. He went up against Spider-Man, Captain America, and of course, the Hulk.


And in the spirit, it looks as if Marvel is going to continue that same track-record in its upcoming Incredible Hulk feature. That’s right, in what looks to be part of the final battle sequence of the film, Wolverine will be making an appearance as part of the team that will hope to gain some semblance of control over the Hulk.


When this was filmed, we’ve no idea, and how they managed to do it, no one is really sure. But word from sources close to Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier have confirmed that Wolverine will indeed be joining the fray in the movie.


What’s more, and even more unbelievable considering his status, is that Hugh Jackman reprised his role as Wolverine. Now this is no doubt a shameless cross-promotion between movies, considering Jackman’s currently filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but nevertheless…


Making its international debut on June 12, and June 13 in the U.S., The Incredible Hulk will look to repair the damage done by the previous Hulk movie. It stars Edward Norton, William Hurt, Liv Tyler, Tim Blake-Nelson, Tim Roth and Robert Downey Jr.

Joshua S. Hill


Source: Comicbookmovie.com


We'll find out very soon...



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I think this movie is going to be a winner and I also agree with the idea that it should repair the damage done by the 1st hulk movie... I'm looking foreward to it. And this news makes it sound that much better.

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Only thing that has me worried is all the talk of Ed Norton being pissed about the editing of the movie and basically saying he won't promote it unless they do it his way. If thats the case he would be out a sequel I would guess which could really screw up plans for a Avengers movie.


As for a crossover I would love to see Nick Fury and just about anybody.

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Surveying THE AVENGERS initiative...


2008 - IRON MAN features Samuel L. Jackson as NICK FURY


2008 - The Incredible Hulk features Robert Downey Jr. as IRON MAN



2010 - IRON MAN II features ???


2010 - ANT-MAN features ???


2010 - THOR features ???



2011 - CAPTAIN AMERICA features ???


2011 - THE AVENGERS premieres


What remains uncertain, is whether or not MARVEL will delay THE AVENGERS in order to allow each individual franchise to develop further.


IRON MAN's getting a sequel in 2010 and I feel Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Ant-Man need a second installment before sharing the screen with each other for 2 hours. There has also been no announcement of a Nick Fury movie as of now.



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With all the upcoming "Avengers" movies, it's funny that you don't hear a whole lot on Ant-Man. Out of all of them, this is the one I would be least likely to see, but when it was announced, wasn't Edgar Wright jumping at the chance to get on board? It sounded pretty seriouse at the time (at least a year ago if not two) and now nothing.

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Edgar Wright is still supposed to be doing ANT-MAN. There hasn't been any statement to suggest otherwise.


Nick Cassavettes is doing CAPTAIN AMERICA.


Kenneth Branagh is doing THOR - which I think will be EPIC.


My question is, who is directing THE AVENGERS???


It oughtta be Favreau.



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