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Happy Birthday Thomas !


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wishing you all the best on your day!

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Well, I wrote a little something for our captain. It's a poem (sorta).
Happy Birthday Thomas Jane…
To say it in a tweet would be too quick. Too short. Waaaaaaayyyy too brief. & let’s face it…140 characters are never enough for me.
To say it in an email would reach you sooner than snail, unless it was to go unread, then EPIC FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.
To say it on the forum would be nice, actually, because your biggest supporters live on there, but your personal social visits, I’m afraid, are simply much too rare.
To say it on the phone would be a great way to go, but I don’t have your phone number (cell or home) at all (hint, hint) so you won’t get my call.
To say it to your face in person (now we’re talking) would make for a grand memory but considering we live too far apart could never be arranged sadly.
(ha! maybe one day)
To say it on a birthday cake would be rather tasty…..BUT I wouldn’t know when/where/how to send it once it’s baked & then who would eat every piece?…….(me)
So I guess there’s really only one way I can say it, one place where I can say it from….
And that is…
…………………FROM THE HEART. :wub:
So, in the most sincerest form with hugs & kisses & love galore,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THOMAS JANE!!! -- I wish you sweet happiness & so much more!!
-- Rosella @-}-->---



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Happy birthday Tom! Bit late but better than never :)

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